Monday, 9 May 2016

3 Lies about the Sun

Over the years I’ve heard people telling each other stories about the sun which made me wonder: are they true or false? So here are three statements that are totally lies but everyone has heard them and sometimes believed them and told them to others too. Hopefully it will makes some things clear about the sun.

When it’s cloudy I don’t have to use sunscreen.
If it’s raining all day you don’t need sun protection but otherwise you will need it. When it’s cloudy the sun will shine through the clouds and the radiation of the sun is still powerful and it’s possible for you to get a sunburn.

The higher the SPF in a 
sunscreen, the less you tan.
SPF is protecting you from burning, not from not getting tanned. People who have a lighter skin do need a higher SPF sunscreen because they get a sunburn quicker than someone who has a darker skin. But everybody needs a sunscreen.

Because I wear foundation my face doesn’t tan.
The sunbeams go right through you foundation. It’s not some kind of iron mask you put on your face. So when it’s summer: use a foundation that has SPF in it because your face will need protection too!

Xx Rianne
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