Monday, 30 May 2016

L’oréal Paris infallible 24H- Matte Review

A few weeks ago I bought this foundation. It's the L'oréal Paris Infallible 24H-Matte foundation in shade 11 vanilla. It was perfectly matching my skin colour, but then the sun came out and I tanned a little. And right now this foundation is a little bit too light for me. But I still want to tell you about this foundation because it’s a good one!

The reason why I’m so happy about this foundation is because this one finally stays longer than the other foundations I’ve tried on my oily skin. You might know by now, my face is very oily. My skin just overproduce oil which also comes with the greasy hair problem. (But that’s another blogpost> click!)

If you have an oily skin then open your eyes and read carefully. This foundation stays on longer than others. It’s not 24 hours as L’oréal promises on the package but it’s longer than all the others I’ve tried, which is surprisingly good. (You must know that I ALWAYS use mattifying primer and powders to make my foundation stay on my face as long as possible) So everything in combination makes it good. If I don’t use the mattifying products no foundation will stay on, it’ll slide off my face immediately.

Another good thing about this foundation is that it’s coverage is very good. It covers my ‘red’ cheeks well. For spots I still have to use a little bit of concealer but I love how this one covers the little spots.
So those are the good things: 1 it stays on longer than other foundations and 2 it covers little blemishes really well. The bigger ones still need concealer too stop them from shining redness through my foundation. Oh, and it doesn't feel very heavy on my skin!

And the price of this foundation is also a good thing. It costed me I think €16 or €17. Which is not a bad price I think! The package is also good, because the foundation is thin, but not watery, it's package has a small ending where the foundation comes out. It makes sure you don't squeeze out too much foundation.

There is sadly one thing about this foundation that I don’t really like: when I take a photo of me with flashlight, my face lights up like a ghost.  And I’m having snapchat since a few weeks (Add me! ErikaRianne) but because of that I don’t like it as much as I did first.
But still this foundation is my favourite at the moment, all though a little bit too light right now, I’m still thinking about buying one shade darker for when I tan more and I really can’t use this one anymore.

And if you know a foundation that doesn’t light up when pictures are taken with the flashlight on and/or is good for an oily skin please let me know in the comments below! I’d like to try out new ones since I’m still looking for better foundations!

Xx Rianne
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