Monday, 2 May 2016

Movie Review: The Jungle Book

Friday last week me and my sisters decided we wanted to go to the movies. I said that jungle was just released and we all agreed to go and see The Jungle Book.

We all had heard good words about the movie so we were really excited to see it ourselves. Especially me. I’ve seen many many movies with animals and CGI and stuff. (Some movies more believable than others) This movie has only one human in it and the rest is CGI and I was so excited to see all the animals as real as possible. I know how bad CGI sometimes can be but this movie is seriously overwhelmingly good. The animals looks so good and so real. I loved watching a childhood movie being remade and being perfect. It was so much like the old story of the first Disney movie. (I haven’t seen it in a while.) But what I could remember was fantastic remade in this movie.

Also Neel Sethi, the little boy who plays Mowgli, is one good little actor. We see all the fantastic beasts of the jungle on screen but all he had to work with was probably so much green screen that at the end of the day all he saw was green and nothing else. And this guy act so well. I loved how this little guy was just running around in his little red pants and he made this so real to me. I loved watching it.

If you’re a Disney lover and you like to see a movie remade from an animated movie to a movie with real people. (This has only one human in it.) I say: ‘go and take someone’s hand and drag him or her into the cinema.’ You’ll have fun and enjoy the jungle with little Mowgli. And Grey is the cutest little wolf of the whole Wolfpack! No one can disagree with me about that.

Xx Rianne
2 comments on "Movie Review: The Jungle Book"
  1. I saw the Jungle Book recently and absolutely loved it! I can't believe how realistic the animation is! xx

    1. Yes, the animation is done very very well. I was actually surprised by it!