Thursday, 12 May 2016

Movie Review: Mother's Day

As you might know, I love movies and series. And I’m seriously considering on buying a cinema subscription because there are so many movies coming these upcoming months! I don’t have the money to go and see them all. And with the cinema subscription I only pay €19,99 per month and then I’m free to go to every movie I want to. So maybe that’s an idea since I also went to mother’s day last week. (Two movies in one week.) And that costed me more than when I do the cinema subscription. I’m still thinking about it…

But mother’s day. Most of us have celebrated it last Sunday and gave our mommy presents and all the love for that one day!
And I also went to see the movie. Not with my mom but with my cinema buddy Saschia. When we meet we do nothing more than driving in her car to the cinema, talking, watching a movie, eating and then go home. (We always have a great time
J )

About the movie

This movie is lovely. What I love the most is that this is comedy but also with some serious issues in it about the motherhood. It’s filmed hilarious. The actresses and actors in it are great. But what I love the most about it is that it’s not only fun and laughter.

The movies has different storylines. One them is a family that lost their mom last year when she was in the army. You see how hard it is for the daughters and how hard it is for the father to deal with it too. Also, the divorced mom who has to share her kids with the new girlfriend of her ex-husband. Everything is in there. From being adopted and finding your mom, of being a new mom and making decisions for the rest of your life and not having seen mom in long long time due to different opinions.

But even though these subjects are sometimes very heavy for a woman it still is filmed with funny pieces which makes this movie so good.
They don’t pretend that mother’s day is easy for every mom. But that it also can be really hard sometimes in different situations.
But they never lost the comedy in the movie.

So while it was a very amusing movie it also made me realise that life isn’t always that easy. And that combination is what I love so much about it.

Have you seen mother’s day? What did you think about it?

Xx Rianne

Ps: Monday there won't be a blogpost since I'm a weekend away with friends and be back on Tuesday and I don't have time to prepare a post this week. 
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