Monday, 27 June 2016

My first Lush Bath Bomb Experience

In the bathroom in Ede I’ve got a bath. At home we don’t have one. But I never used the bath in Ede because I think it’s a bit awkward since I share the bathroom with my housekeepers. I don’t want to claim the bathroom for so long. So I never used it.

Frozen and Experimenter

Until now. Because my housekeepers are on summer holidays for three weeks and I’ve got the whole house for myself. Which meant: not sharing the bathroom with anyone! So I went to Utrecht to meet with a friend and saw that a Lush store was still open. We went in and I bought two bath bombs. Frozen (of course) and the experimenter.

I loved both of them, the way they colour the bath and I love the smell. The Experimenter smelled like vanilla. And I’m vanilla fan so I was in love with it. What frozen smelled like, I’m not sure. But it was really good also. What I really like about these bath bombs are the colours. The experimenter coloured my bath deep green and frozen made my bath light blue. My skin also felt super soft after the bath so I really really love that! Also, Experimenter didn't 'bomb' very well as you can see on the photo I looked on internet and those bombs looked way cooler than mine. But Frozen bombed a lot better in the water which gave very cool effects!

So sorry for the blurry pixel photo but my camera got foggy.. And I noticed it after I enjoyed my bath :(
There was only one thing I was a bit sad about and that were the glitters. I love glitters as long as they don’t stick on me. And these two bath bombs were full of glitter and I couldn’t see that on the outside. So I was Gemma Glitter the day after I had used the bath bombs but I must say that after I slept a lot glitter were left behind in my bed and weren’t sticking on me anymore. Next time, when my housekeepers are gone on holiday again I would love to try out more bath bombs, even with glitter because I secretly didn’t mind it that much as I thought I would. So I’m actually okay with the glitter but it bothered me at first.

The only thing is, I don’t know when next time is… Hopefully next year I’m going to graduate and be gone before my housekeepers even go on summer holiday again. I can’t wait to finish school. Even if that means that I can’t try out more Lush bath bombs … ;)

Xx Rianne
Monday, 13 June 2016

Book Review: The Art of Asking by Amanda Palmer

The Art of Asking by Amanda Palmer is a book that has been on my shelf way to long. So I finally picked it up (and blew away the dust) I started reading it. And here is what I thought of it.

Amanda Palmer is someone who knows how to ask questions. I think she is actually mastering it. In her book she writes about her life and everything she has ever asked for. From small simple questions to major questions. She asks for money, a place to sleep and asking for help. Asking for help was something she thought was the hardest thing to do. In her book she writes about how she learned to ask for help step by step with many many experiences from her life. She also writes that she thought she was alone with a problem, but the moment she wrote about it on her blog or twitter or spoke out what her problem was she found out she wasn’t alone and there were a lot of other people too dealing with that problem. Which is a very relieving moment that you realise you’re not alone.

What I learned from this book…

Because I’m an introvert and also a bit shy when there are too many people around me I dare not to ask anything. Why? Because I’m afraid I stutter, I’m afraid I fail or ask a dumb question to the wrong person and that he’s going to laugh at me. Things like that makes that I don’t ask many questions. This book made me realise how weird that actually is. It’s not that I’m asking every question now... no certainly not! I’m still quiet and shy but I try to think about this lesson in the book more often. I try to ask more questions. Also, I won’t turn into an expert of asking things but I hope that I’ll remember some things of the art of asking and that it’ll bring me more understanding in life!
The book is not only a lesson but also a great story about Amanda's way of living and about her beautiful personality.

Xx Rianne
Thursday, 9 June 2016

Another Movie Review: Alice Through the Looking Glass

Yes, I went to the cinema again. (And again with Sas). This time I suggested to go Alice through the looking glass. I loved Alice in Wonderland so I couldn’t not go to this movie. And since it came in cinemas last week we went immediately on Saturday.

Alice through the looking glass is much more than just a Disney story. It has some serious lessons in it. Sir Time learns us a lot in that movie and the funny thing about Time was that he sometimes talked in rhyme without noticing at first. And then I was like, wait what? He’s talking in rhyme! There were also things said that I had to think about for a few seconds and then understood. It’s fun to be a little challenged. Also, there is one part in the movie when the hatter and the rabbit and the mouse are drinking tea. When Time visits them they make a few jokes about time and I laughed so hard. (Not out loud because that is annoying other people in the cinema ;) )

But then the actors, Mia Wasikowska < I had to google her last name :), Johnny Depp, Alan Rickman (!), Helena Bonham Carter and Anna Hathaway and everyone else I forget: the actors are so good and funny. Think about the red queen. I love her attitude. Oh, and the movie also reveals why her head is so big!!! Johnny Depp is –as we of course know- the Hatter and I love the Hatter. This movie is about him, saving him because time is getting onto him. And Alice is going to time travel to help him and save him. Throughout the whole film there are life lessons about time, about the people we have around us and spending time with them because they matter, about how we can’t change the past but we can do something about the future and also, saying sorry is one of the most important things in life!

Again, I strongly recommend you to go to this movie. I loved the story and actually everything about it. It’s a movie I didn’t just walked out and enjoyed it. It also made me realise things about time! So if you love Alice in Wonderland than I think you should really see this one too.

Xx Rianne
Monday, 6 June 2016

6 Things I Do To Reduce Stress

Stress stress stress. We all have it but not everybody deals with it. Sometimes even trying to reduce stress is stressing because it feels like it doesn’t work.

Lately I have taken some time to figure out how to reduce some stress because I had stress about school. About all the homework I had to do and I couldn’t finish it for the deadline… Then I decided that I should write a blogpost about how I try to reduce stress and feeling better to do my homework.
Hopefully I can help you and make your life a little less stressful. So here are the thing I do to reduce my stress.

First of all, before I really start: When I go for completely relax modus, I’m computer, laptop, tablet and phone free. I only have my laptop on for music but I put my phone away, I won’t check my email, school stuff or WhatsApp, twitter, Instagram. Nothing! Completely letting go of the virtual world and focus on me!

Now the tips:

1. I bought a colouring book. I’ve seen people doing this but never bought a book myself. I thought that it was a bit childish. But now I’ve realised that this actually is quite nice. I bought a cheap ass book in a store and bought some pencils with it and started colouring. I forgot to buy a sharpener so buy that too and you can colour in mandalas or whatever colour book you bought.

2. Listen to music. Sometimes I just put on Spotify and choose some random ‘relax’ playlist. It’s very relaxing for me when music is playing on the background and I don’t know the lyrics. I just listen to it and lay on my bed. Most of the time with a mask on my face. And I just lay there for 15 minutes rince of the mask and lay down again.

3. With the relax music playlist on and while laying on my bed doing nothing most of the time makes me feel lazy and makes me want to do stuff. This is a moment that I’m going to slowly clean my room. It’s not because I have to but because I feel like I have to do it. I cleaned, not because I had to, but because I wanted to. And that’s so more relaxing than being forced to clean your room. Oh, and if you find something that brings back memories just sit down and enjoy that memory too!

Nivea mask collection. It'sabout time I'm going to use them!

4. What also works really well for me is writing in my diary. It’s very calming because I write down everything that I think I’m stressing about. And while writing I realise that not everything I worry about is worth worrying about. It makes clear what I should focus on and what not. Try it, maybe it works for you too!

5. I used to be sportive. And sport was so stress relieving for me. I still want to start again but I’m too lazy... But when I sport, I totally forget everything in the world and completely focus on the training, Then, after the training, I’m tired and I easily fall asleep. I also feel much better the next day I wake up!

6. If you’re a reader. Read or reread a book that you love. I reread Narnia so many times. Just because I love the magic in it. I already know what is going to happen but I still love to read the story. It’s just that I don’t really have to think, I know what is going to happen, I can visualize it easily in my head. It’s relaxing to read and forget that I’m reading and that the story and characters are so real for me. It takes me to another world! ;)

These are the things I do. I hope this is useful to you too! And let me know in the comments below what you do to relax a little!

Xx Rianne