Thursday, 9 June 2016

Another Movie Review: Alice Through the Looking Glass

Yes, I went to the cinema again. (And again with Sas). This time I suggested to go Alice through the looking glass. I loved Alice in Wonderland so I couldn’t not go to this movie. And since it came in cinemas last week we went immediately on Saturday.

Alice through the looking glass is much more than just a Disney story. It has some serious lessons in it. Sir Time learns us a lot in that movie and the funny thing about Time was that he sometimes talked in rhyme without noticing at first. And then I was like, wait what? He’s talking in rhyme! There were also things said that I had to think about for a few seconds and then understood. It’s fun to be a little challenged. Also, there is one part in the movie when the hatter and the rabbit and the mouse are drinking tea. When Time visits them they make a few jokes about time and I laughed so hard. (Not out loud because that is annoying other people in the cinema ;) )

But then the actors, Mia Wasikowska < I had to google her last name :), Johnny Depp, Alan Rickman (!), Helena Bonham Carter and Anna Hathaway and everyone else I forget: the actors are so good and funny. Think about the red queen. I love her attitude. Oh, and the movie also reveals why her head is so big!!! Johnny Depp is –as we of course know- the Hatter and I love the Hatter. This movie is about him, saving him because time is getting onto him. And Alice is going to time travel to help him and save him. Throughout the whole film there are life lessons about time, about the people we have around us and spending time with them because they matter, about how we can’t change the past but we can do something about the future and also, saying sorry is one of the most important things in life!

Again, I strongly recommend you to go to this movie. I loved the story and actually everything about it. It’s a movie I didn’t just walked out and enjoyed it. It also made me realise things about time! So if you love Alice in Wonderland than I think you should really see this one too.

Xx Rianne
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