Monday, 11 July 2016

Life update: My 100th blogpost, blog fears and going to the USA!

This post is a little bit special to me because it is my 100th blogpost! How crazy is that, huh?! I had no idea that I would enjoy blogging so much. I thought it was just a phase I was in. But I’ve realised that I’m actually really serious about blogging. It took me a little while to figure that out because I was/am very insecure about my blog. I’m always thinking about what others would say. What will they think of me? What if I make a grammar mistake? Would they think I’m stupid? Do I fail if a blogpost doesn’t get that much views as someone else’s blogpost? What if they don’t like the things I’m writing about?

I’ve realised that these things are freaking me out. I don’t want them too but it happens. And when I tell people that I blog they all react very positive. But I’m still scared even though they tell me that I shouldn’t be. So right now I’m just writing to my online audience with not many people around me actually knowing that I blog. Oh the fear…. I only tell people when they’re asking for it and that doesn’t happen very much… Are others with the same fears out there?
But, now something else. After all, this is a ‘Life Update’ and I think that you all should know that I go to the USA in January!! Wednesday the 13th of July I will know for sure if I’m going. So it’s still a bit tricky to tell you guys this three days before everything is official. But I’m almost kind of sure that I get my last 2,5 points and go to my 4th year and then go for 2 weeks to the USA! I’m so excited to see what it’s like over there. I’m going to do a research project on prejudice. About how we Dutchies think of Americans and what Americans think of us Dutchies. I can’t wait to go Grand Rapids, to visit Chicago and Detroit and go the Cornerstone University and explore life there! It’s just so excited and that’s why I already told you all before everything is 100% sure I’m going. So I’ll update this blogpost on Wednesday or Thursday if I’m actually going. I hope I won’t forget it because life is going crazy. Friday was my last day of school, today I’ve worked and then 3 more days of work and I’m off to France for 2 weeks!

I can’t wait to relax and do nothing but enjoy the sun and the freedom. We go camping and I won’t take my laptop with me. Which means I also can’t write any blogposts while I’m gone. So for the next two weeks there won’t be any blogposts. I think even three weeks. We come home Saturday at midnight and I don’t know if I have time on Sunday or Monday to write a blogpost after a very tiring and long car trip. So, at least the next two Monday’s no blogpost and maybe later in the third week a post. But I’m not going to promise anything.

You know what? Just keep an eye on my blog every now and then and you’ll see when I’ve uploaded a new blogpost. You can also subscribe to get an email when I’ve put a blogpost online! Also, I still am active on my Instagram and a little bit active on Twitter. I’m not the best tweeter of the world you might have noticed but I'm really trying ;) See you there!

Have a nice holiday!

Xx Rianne


I made it! I go to my 4th and last year of my study! I also booked my ticket for the trip to the USA in January. I hope I can keep you up to date about the trip. Somewhere in November I'll get more information from school and I hope I can take you along on this adventure. But for now, I'm going to pack my bag. We're leaving tomorrow night for a fun camping holiday in France! All the love!

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