Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Movie VS Book: Me Before You

If you want to watch a movie that doesn’t leave your mind for the upcoming week than go to Me Before You. Or read the book. Or do both. I did both. I read the book first and then a week later I went to the cinema. I went as soon as the movie premiered here in Holland. I just needed some time to find to write about this awfully good movie and book.

Normally when I read books and I finish it, I cry, feel bad for the whole night and the next day and then I can start picking up normal life again. After reading Me Before You it took me longer than a day and night. The story doesn’t let me go. Right now, three weeks after watching the movie and four week after reading the book I’m typing this and I still get a weird feeling inside of me.

Lou is the best woman in the world. I love her so much, her wanting to help Will is so sweet. Will is a quadriplegic and Lou is going to take care of him. Her contract is only for six months. Lou believes it’s a try out six months contract but later on she find out why it's  a six months contract.

I’m not going to tell you more but the moment I found out why I was shocked. How, why, WHY?!
And I actually believed that the end would have been different. And I was crying. It didn’t surprise me since I’m an emotional wreck but still. Normally I feel bad or sad. But right now I was also sort of angry. Why would Will hurt Lou so badly. But I do understand Will’s decision.

Now, the book and the movie. I must say: this was very well done! Of course, the characters were more stereotype in the movie than in the book. In the book you read chapters of other characters also instead of only Lou’s point of view. You read Will’s father point of view and Lou’s sister. That makes things so much different and much more alive. Also Will’s family isn’t broken in the movie. His sister is nowhere to be seen. Also, the father who is cheating is not a part in the movie. Which makes the movie sad but less deep. The books shows that there was so much more going on in the peoples life.
Also, a very important part of Lou in the maze is skipped. But if I compare the book to the movie, no weird scenes are added or anything. Which makes me also LOVE the movie.

And it made me love Lou more. Her fashion is perfect in the movie. I love her for being her, her bumble bee leggings and white and red dotted heels. That is very well done in the movie. Just like I imagined Lou to be. Emelia Clarke did a good job. Also, Sam Caflin who plays Will did an unbelievable job at playing a quadriplegic. It’s weird to say something like that but I can’t imagine how hard it is to play that you can’t move your limbs. Being the whole filming process in the same position in the wheelchair. All I can say is that this a good movie AND book.

My friend Saschia didn’t read the book first. So in the movie she was crying harder than I did. I cried harder when I read the book. But she immediately wanted the book to read it. I don’t know if she’s actually reading it but I can’t wait to hear what she has to say after reading the book!

Xx Rianne
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