Monday, 8 August 2016

The Beauty of France

These are my favourite pictures of this year holiday in France. I had so many photos that it took me a while to pick the very best to show you guys. (In my blogpost '14 days 14 polaroids' you can read how I spent my holiday.) But I love these photos so much and it's weird to think that next year I probably won't see these places again. Maybe even never again. I don't want to think about that.

I would love to go back to the waterfall in Autoir and walk down the stream again. Or walk again in Sarlat and enjoy the crowd or watching the stars at night. On the full moon photo sadly you can't see stars but I had never seen so many stars at night. And also, shooting stars! Me and my friends would get some chairs, settle on the footballfield where weren't any streetlights or campinglights and we would talk and watch the stars, waiting for a shooting star. I loved those nights! I loved just simply driving to another place so I could look around me to see mountains and trees and just beautiful landscapes. (The sunflowerfields!!) I loved the holiday and right now I'm back to work and I can dream about the holiday and even though the work isn't very exciting memories of this holiday brings a smile to my face!

Also, I'm still uploading photos on my Instagram about France so make sure you take a look there too to see more beauty of this country.

Xx Rianne
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