Monday, 26 September 2016

A Brighter and Whiter Smile? Not for me!

A brighter and whiter smile. Isn’t that something everyone wants? Well I do! So when I got the offer to whiting my teeth at home I almost excepted it. And I’m going to tell you why I didn’t do it. 

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A little while ago I got the offer to whiten my teeth. I’m not going to name the company since I think that is not fair. They were very nice to me and understood why I last moment cancelled the deal. But I was very excited when I read the email that told me that I could try this out with a friend.  And that it was very easy to whiten my teeth at home.

Still I felt a little something nibbling in my stomach and a whisper telling me something was wrong. At first I put that feeling away and emailed that I was open for a try. I told Jess about it and she was also excited to try this out. I still kept saying to the man that I was very careful and also very careful about the health of my readers. I wanted to be sure that when I try something and HAVE to write about it that it doesn’t cause any pain or whatever to anyone. The man understood and gave me a little more time to think about the deal.

Finally I came up with the idea to call my dentist and ask for his advice. Sadly he was on holiday so I called another dentist nearby to ask for help. A nice lady asked me how much carbamide peroxide was in the whitening paste. I told her on the package stood 22%. She almost dropped her phone and said: “ Did you say 22%?!’ A little shocked by her reaction I said yes and immediately asked her why she was so shocked. She then told me that in Holland we only use up to 6 or 10% and that even now were going to a lower % because there are people complaining about pain in their teeth after a while. She told me that nowhere in Holland is used 22% and that that is A LOT of carbamide peroxide to paste on your teeth.

I kindly thanked her for the explanation. But I still couldn’t believe her so I called another dentist with the same question. (Here comes the journalist in me above, I had to be sure about the first answer and checked it by calling another dentist.) Her respond was almost the same. She told me that 22% is a lot of carbamide peroxide and that she wasn’t quite sure if so much carbamide peroxide is okay to put on your teeth. Again, in Holland we don’t use so much of that stuff in the whitening paste.

I thanked her and sadly put down my phone. I was hoping that I would hear good news but I decided to call off the deal. I explained to him that the dentist told me that the amount of carbamide peroxide was way too much. And I could guess that for Jess, who has sensitive teeth, it wouldn’t be a good plan too to cancel. The man understand and wasn’t complaining while I said sorry for taking his time and calling the deal off.

Now what I want to tell you is this: Please be careful if you’re going to whiten your teeth with a do it yourself at home package. Always ask your dentist if you don’t trust things or are a bit scared or if you’re trying it for the first time. Don’t just put that paste on your teeth. I don’t want that your teeth are going to hurt in a few years. Who knows what that much of carbamide peroxide can ruin in those two or three times you use the paste? What if your teeth fall out? What if they get softer and are easier to get holes in? I don’t know what can happen but all want to say is that you have to be careful. And when in doubt call your dentist just like I did!

Xx Rianne
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