Monday, 19 September 2016

Life Update: Typing in the Train

As you have noticed, I haven’t written a blogpost these two weeks. I feel so bad about it. I really wanted to but the problem was that I just didn’t have any energy to write one. I had many ideas popping up in my head this week and I’ve written them all down in my 'Book of Thoughts' that I always take with me anywhere I go. 

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But last week we had an amazing summer week. It was 33 degrees and it was too hot to even pick up a pen. So last week I didn’t even do any homework only reading. The week before was the start of my last school year. And I thought: "oh this is going to be just like the previous years. Easy start, lots of free time." But I was wrong. I barely have time. If I want to graduate at the end of the year I really have to do all my homework and not fall behind. And so these past weeks I’ve been reading schoolbooks and made a lot of summaries. And I had to come up with an idea for my graduation research project. While thinking about that project time flew by and two weeks were over. And last weekend I helped organizing the opening weekend of our church season and had no time to even open my laptop...
So I’m in the train right now and I just finished to summarize a chapter and thought that this was a good moment of rest so I could finally sit down and write this blogpost. 

School is taking so much of my time and I feel really bad for not posting anything. I really should plan better and maybe have some backup blogposts or something that I won’t let you guys down again. *Writing this down on my to do list immediately*

But I hope that everyone had a good start of their new school year and that it was hopefully less hectic than mine was. Also, I hope I can take you with me on the way to graduation… I don’t know how or when I’m going to start these kind of blogposts. But I hope I can make something of it. I’ll let you know whether I’m doing this and how or not. It’s just a thought that also came across my mind while typing this down in the train.

Sorry for the past two weeks. I really hope it won’t happen again. (Or at least not any time soon, you know me… ;) )

Xx Rianne
4 comments on "Life Update: Typing in the Train"
  1. Don't feel bad :) It is amazing that you were able to fit this post with school going on!

    1. Thank you so much for understanding! Xx Rianne

  2. A great article :) To me, I'll wait on my blog.