Monday, 5 September 2016

Night of Lights: A Magical Tradition in our Village

Every village has its own traditions. And so have we! We just had the ‘party week’ here. And because this is an extremely fun and lovely tradition I thought I’d tell you about this tradition in particular.

We are surrounded by kraut fields. We also are surrounded by loads of water. And a 1000 isles. Some people counted the isles and there are literally 1000 isles here. Lots of isles are build full of houses but there are also still isles which you can buy and where you can grow plants or food or whatever. But I believe you’re not allowed to build houses on those special isles. But to get there you have to go with boats. So lots of people own boats.

And Friday 26th of August we had our night of lights. This is a lovely tradition where everybody that owns a boat, light their boats up with every light they own. From cute fairy lights to disco lights to glowing balloons. Whatever that shines is put on the boat. And then they join the boat parade which is fantastic. It was my first time on a boat. (And before last Friday I never went because I was a boring person back in the days.) But I enjoyed it so much. Almost everybody is there watching the parade on a boat or on the little bridges or in gardens on the route we sailed. Some boats, like ours, did have lights but we did not compete in the parade. We brought loads of food, eat our dinner there and had some drinks and watched all the boats that had themes and hoped to impress the judges and that they would win the parade competition. We all would sail till it’s dark and then it’s almost magical. All those boats on the water with lights everywhere and (loud) music. It’s so nice with friends on the boat watching other boats. And then there is of course the after party. Near the fully lighted market place, which is the start and finish, there are two cafeterias where everybody comes together to party after they stepped of their boats.

I didn’t take my DSLR-camera with me because I was afraid that I might drop it in the water so I took photos on my phone, which isn’t the best quality. But enjoy the photos of awesome decorated boats and dressed up people partying on their boats.

Xx Rianne

This boat is an 'original' which they used back in the days, but you still see very often around here. It has no moter but with the wooden stick - kloet-  in the hand of the man he pushes the boat forward. Most of the boats have a moter now ;)

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