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Life update: Moving House and School Stress


Yes, you read that title well! I’m going to move again! Two weeks ago a friend of mine offered me to come and see their house since someone is going to move out. I agreed to take a look and I met the other girl who lives in the house too. We had a nice conversation and yesterday I decided that I’m going to move to that house.
I can’t wait to move out from this house and the attic. I’ve lived alone for 2 years now and I think it’ll be nice to have some company. 

Photo: Wonderlass
I have to admit I am scared. I’m always afraid for the ‘new’. And this is completely different and since I’m an introvert I like to be alone. But I realised that I often feel alone on the attic where I live now. And I think that living in the new house I can be alone but not feel alone. I’m just really excited! (I also get a real kitchen so maybe I can improve my cooking skills to something better than what I am right now.) 

Also, going to the USA is coming closer and closer. I am getting more excited to go there and see what America is! I can’t wait to blog about that! I still have to get my passport and ESTA. But I hope I’m going to get that settled this week. So I can cross that off of my USA to do list. I still have a lot to do and long to wait but I’m just so excited about it!!

I can also give you a little sad update about my study. It is not going very well. Stress level is close to 10 and sometimes I can’t sleep because of all the work I have to do. I’m procrastinating since I don’t know where to start. So that’s building more and more stress. This morning I checked my schedule and found out that the next two weeks have no lessons planned and I hope that I can work my ass off and that I can finally keep up with the homework and that I won’t miss more deadlines. So I don’t know if there is going to be a blogpost next week. But I’ll see and try to make some time free for this!

Xx Rianne


Products I Regret Buying


Foot crèmes, hand bath lush soap, 3x dry shampoo. Sometimes I’m walking into shops and see stuff that I think that it’s going to be extremely useful. And then sadly it turns out that I barely use it or not even use it. And I think we all have products we regret buying and here is my list.

I was in Lush and couldn’t resist buying this. Because I don’t really have a bath I thought I’d buy this to have a little Lush experience on my hands. But I’ve never tried it. I don’t have the patience to put my hands in a bath for 15 minutes and not being able to do something but sit. When I do a footbath I can use my hands to paint my fingernails, read a book, check my phone or be on my laptop. When my hands are in the water there is nothing I can do. So I won’t put hands in a hand bath…

Pores pores pores. I’m obsessed with them and not in the good way. I have tried a lot of products that promised me to make my pores look smaller or even disappear. And so promised Skin Perfection by L’Oréal Paris. But it didn’t work. All I know is that products like this irritate your skin. So your skin will swell up a little. A teeny tiny little bit, it doesn’t look like you are stung by a bee or something. Because of the swelling the pores are less visible. But I don’t think irritate my skin is a good idea. So after I used this very expensive cream for a little while I put it aside after reading the stuff above in an article. (If I only could remember what article it was that I read. Then I could link it.) Now I use Benefit and I’m happy with it!

Why on earth did I buy foot crème? Well, because it said ‘foot crème’ and I didn’t have it. Sadly my brain started working again when I got home and thought that hand crème is probably doing the same as foot crème and that it only has a different name. So now I have lavender smelling foot crème and spent money on something that I already had at home only with a different smell and name. (It’s all very hydrating for a dry skin…)

So a long long time ago I bought a Nivea clean deeper gel. It was in the period where I had lots of pimples and blackheads and an extremely oily skin. Not knowing how to handle an oily skin (it’s still hard to find the right products) I bought this gel. It would clean all my pores and get rid of the grease on my skin. But what it really did was completely drying out my skin. My skin would feel like paper after using it and then my skin was like: Where did all the natural oils go? And started to overproduce oil and my face got shinier than ever. So after using it for a little while I threw it in my closet and I found it when I was looking for long lost never used products for this blogpost.

I’ll tell you something: never buy a body lotion this big. You never get it empty since it’s so big. And I always forget to use it and now I have this thing for years. Right now I’m sharing it with my sister and still the bottle feels like it’s never been used. Also, I don’t like the scent of it anymore. So if you buy body lotion, buy a smaller bottle. Unless you are sure this is what you want to smear on your body for the next 20 years or so.

Dry shampoo that doesn’t work on my hair... It was a sales thing. Buy 2 get 1 free. And I thought, let’s do this. Only to find out that this hairspray immediately turns grey on my hair and I’m not able to use it without looking like I’ve run through a spider web and then threw dust on my hair. So now I have three bottles of this and I don’t know what to do with it. Especially since I don’t know which one I’ve used and which one I haven’t….

What products did you buy and do you totally regret?

Xx Rianne

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