Monday, 24 October 2016

Life update: Moving House and School Stress

Yes, you read that title well! I’m going to move again! Two weeks ago a friend of mine offered me to come and see their house since someone is going to move out. I agreed to take a look and I met the other girl who lives in the house too. We had a nice conversation and yesterday I decided that I’m going to move to that house.
I can’t wait to move out from this house and the attic. I’ve lived alone for 2 years now and I think it’ll be nice to have some company. 

Photo: Wonderlass
I have to admit I am scared. I’m always afraid for the ‘new’. And this is completely different and since I’m an introvert I like to be alone. But I realised that I often feel alone on the attic where I live now. And I think that living in the new house I can be alone but not feel alone. I’m just really excited! (I also get a real kitchen so maybe I can improve my cooking skills to something better than what I am right now.) 

Also, going to the USA is coming closer and closer. I am getting more excited to go there and see what America is! I can’t wait to blog about that! I still have to get my passport and ESTA. But I hope I’m going to get that settled this week. So I can cross that off of my USA to do list. I still have a lot to do and long to wait but I’m just so excited about it!!

I can also give you a little sad update about my study. It is not going very well. Stress level is close to 10 and sometimes I can’t sleep because of all the work I have to do. I’m procrastinating since I don’t know where to start. So that’s building more and more stress. This morning I checked my schedule and found out that the next two weeks have no lessons planned and I hope that I can work my ass off and that I can finally keep up with the homework and that I won’t miss more deadlines. So I don’t know if there is going to be a blogpost next week. But I’ll see and try to make some time free for this!

Xx Rianne

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