Wednesday, 16 November 2016

4 Things I Do to Actually Finish My Homework

The moment I’m typing this I finally finished two crazy weeks of non-stop studying and writing and researching for school. That’s also why I’m not posting this on Monday but Wednesday. I’ve relaxed the whole weekend and I’ve literally threw away my whole social life these weeks but now I can finally breath again and I have time to write a blogpost on how I actually get some work done. After three years of studying I’m still looking for better ways to get homework done. And I’ve found four ways. Number three is completely new. Number one and two I discovered in the past three years. Number four is one I do not recommend but because I always lack of planning it is my bring-the-test-and-deadline-week-to-a-good-ending-rescue plan. So here are my tips!

1. I turn off my music. I’ve always convinced myself that I could work better with music on in the background. But that is a big lie. I always recognise a song and start humming or singing it. Which means I’m not totally focussed on my homework anymore. So I turn it off. And I think that people who say that music in the background is good for their concentration are just lying bastards or wonderful creatures that can block out catchy songs while learning. ;)

2. I have to have a clean desk. Yes, my desk is always messy with pens, books, notebooks and my phone. I clean it. I know, at first it’s procrastinating but once it’s clean I do get some stuff done. But I have to say, my desk is very very small so there can’t be much on it. If you have a large desk and it takes you two hours to clean that up, than you probably should have cleaned it way earlier and it also means that you barely studied before in the semester. Which I don’t think is very smart… But, when everything is clean, I can work.

3. This one is new to me and very effective for big essay writing sessions. When I have to write essays or do research on a subject I go to school. At school there is literally no distraction of music, YouTube, TV or a messy room or just a comfortable bed. School is an uncomfortable place to relax so I want to go home as soon as I can. So I just work and work and work till I’ve finished my essay or got to my personal set deadline for the research project. Then I go home and know that I’ve actually done something and I can relax without feeling guilty. I started doing this the past few weeks and I really wish I found this out earlier in my school carrier, because at school I can work for an hour or two straight on. At home I can never do that.

4. I studied for tests like crazy. I really had to pass those tests. So what I did was: I studied till midnight. Then I went to sleep for four hours so I’ll have at least a little bit of sleep. Then I wake up at four and study until I’ve got my test. It did help me with one. I studied non-stop and barely had breaks. I just couldn’t afford to lose time this time. I only do this when I started too late with studying for a test or when a test is really really important. If I don’t pass the test I’m talking about, there is a chance that school won’t let me graduate and that I’ll have to wait till next year November…

I hope I could help you with this a little bit and I hope that after you read this you actually go and do some homework so you won’t have the stressy weeks I just had... I really want you to prevent from those weeks. Because it’s exhausting and killing and not good for a student’s heart or sleep or life in general. Take this from me, its complete madness what I did, to do everything in two weeks instead of ten. So please, start planning, doing some extra work while you can. It will makes things easier.

Xx Rianne
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