Monday, 21 November 2016

Book Review: After You

This book was on my bookshelf for a few weeks, but I couldn’t read it because there was too much schoolwork to do. And then I finally found some time to read this book and I read it, just like Me Before You, in two days. I couldn’t stop reading and it was way past midnight when I finished reading it. I had complete other feelings about this story when I finished the book then when I had read Me Before You.

I was really excited to start reading about Lou again. But it was so different to go back to her world. I loved how she was when she was with Will. And now, after Will, she turned into a different person. Still a nice person, but different. Lou has to deal with a life without her beloved Will. And that’s hard to read.

Lou lost her taste in clothes (which I loved so much reading about and imaging the dresses and skirts and shoes) after she has travelled through Europe and settled down in London with the money Will gave her. Then she gets a tragic accident and meets a girl that changes her whole life. And she also meets a new man. And to read the process of how she learns to love again, the moment she realizes that she needs him is heart-breaking to read.

What I learned about this book is that it’s totally wrong to expect someone to be the same person after someone they loved died. I was so wrong about that when I started reading this book. And while getting further into the story I understood Lou much better.

I hope this will also help me understand people better who have lost someone. The pain doesn’t go away and time does not heal everything. I think that everyone should read these two books to understand people better who lost someone. That people will not be same, and never get cured because there is no cure for loss. It makes things much clearer when you’re not the person in grieve. I loved reading this book and also the message in this book is amazing. Thanks Jojo Moyes.

Xx Rianne
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