Wednesday, 14 December 2016

5 Tips for Planning a Bachelorette Party

Last Saturday we celebrated my sisters bachelorette party. We went to a party centre and played bubble football, a sort of Wipe Out idea, giant table football and we played a laser game. It was so fun! But all this needs an organisation. And Jess, Inge and I organised it for my sister. It’s loads of fun, but when we were organising I found out that some tips would have been welcome about organising a bachelorette party. So I wrote a blogpost about things we wish we knew when we started to plan this party.

1. Be in time with inviting people so you can hear in time who is coming and who is not. This is very important because of the reservations being made at centres and for the foods and drinks you need to buy. 

2. Make sure everyone pays on time. For us, that didn’t happen. I burgled my own bank account to pay in advance but that’s not how it’s supposed to go. Everyone has to pay. And there’s no reason for being late if it was announced in time.

3. Know your Bride! If she doesn’t like to get all the attention, then don’t make it too crazy. For example, my sister doesn’t like it so much, so we bought cute buttons with ‘Team Bride’ and ‘Bride To Be’ on it. Visible but not too crazy. My sister would hate us if we gave her a tutu and a crown or something weird. But if you know your bride loves crazy things like that, then sure do it!

4. The party is about the Bride To Be. For everything you do or plan keep the Bride To Be in mind. Ask with everything you choose, would she like it? And maybe that means that you don’t really like it that much. But it’s the party for the Bride to Be, not for you!

5. If you’re a guest, don’t cancel for stupid reasons. If you do this, how loyal as a friend are you to the bride? We had one week before the party started a few people who cancelled. Some had a good reason, some didn’t. And it was a sh*tload of work to call that centre again that we had a change in number of people who would come. Which also bring a lot of counting and miscounting in the budget because it keeps changing and changing. Only cancel for a good reasons, you know by yourself which reasons are good and which are not...

These are my lessons from organising a bachelorette party. If you have more tips, please tell me in de comments below about it! We all like to have a party like this to go as smooth as possible. Also, this post went up later than normal because I forgot to take my memory card with me to Ede. And I went home yesterday so that is why I posted it today!

Xx Rianne
Monday, 5 December 2016

Frugal fun for Students

Autumn is doing its best to prepare us for winter. It’s raining and storming and all the leaves has almost fall down to the earth. As much as I love autumn that just saddens me a little. And to make us students a little more happy in these dark days, I came up with fun things to do with friends for not that much money!

1. Pamper night!
I love pamper nights. Masks, nail polish, etc. Most of the things you need for a pamper night you already have. So you don’t have to buy much. Maybe some food. But food isn’t necessary. ;) You just need to invite some friends or just one friend and light up some candles, set everything ready, make it cosy and have a lovely pamper night. Maybe even end it with a sleep over. It’s so much fun and it’s good for your skin to give it some extra help in these cold days.

2. Photo shoots
These are also lots of fun. Dive into your wardrobe, put outfits together with your friends, try them on and get your camera. You always have the perfect room or wall in your house where you can take photos. Oh, and it doesn’t always has to be serious. Ridiculous photoshoots are the best photoshoots!

I made this side

3. Build a gingerbread house

This is the best idea I’ve had so far. I bought a little gingerbread house package and bought the candy. It costs me less than €10. (And I had to buy everything new, but if you’re baking much more than I do, then it probably only cost you some money to buy the little house and not all the decorations.) I had so much fun with my cousin. We’re studying at the same school so we’re both dealing with the money problems… We had been building and decorating the house the whole evening. We had Christmas music on very loud and sang along and laughed at our decoration skills. It was the best idea I’ve had in such a long time. We had so much fun!

My cousin made this side. I'm loving the cow with the bear on its back!

4. Sneak on houses for sale
This is amazing. I’m a very curious person so this is perfect for anyone like me. There are websites that put photos of houses for sale online. It’s the best way to sneak on very expensive houses and criticise or admire their way of designing it. I’ve done this with a friend and we went from normal priced houses to the very expensive ones that looks like castles and we’ve been judging their interior. Commenting on kitchens, colour matchings and how we would have designed that house or why we would or wouldn’t buy it. This is the best way to check out people’s houses without breaking into a house ;)

5. Netflix is the best
This one is not very surprising but I just have to mention Netflix. Watching movies with friends is great. I often go to the cinema, but money won’t let us go as often as we want to. And so we go to Netflix. Last time, my friend connected her laptop to a bigger screen, we had cosy blankets and some food and just lay on her couch watching movies. Easy peasy and very cheap.

I really hope I inspired you a little for some cheap fun with friends!

Xx Rianne