Wednesday, 14 December 2016

5 Tips for Planning a Bachelorette Party

Last Saturday we celebrated my sisters bachelorette party. We went to a party centre and played bubble football, a sort of Wipe Out idea, giant table football and we played a laser game. It was so fun! But all this needs an organisation. And Jess, Inge and I organised it for my sister. It’s loads of fun, but when we were organising I found out that some tips would have been welcome about organising a bachelorette party. So I wrote a blogpost about things we wish we knew when we started to plan this party.

1. Be in time with inviting people so you can hear in time who is coming and who is not. This is very important because of the reservations being made at centres and for the foods and drinks you need to buy. 

2. Make sure everyone pays on time. For us, that didn’t happen. I burgled my own bank account to pay in advance but that’s not how it’s supposed to go. Everyone has to pay. And there’s no reason for being late if it was announced in time.

3. Know your Bride! If she doesn’t like to get all the attention, then don’t make it too crazy. For example, my sister doesn’t like it so much, so we bought cute buttons with ‘Team Bride’ and ‘Bride To Be’ on it. Visible but not too crazy. My sister would hate us if we gave her a tutu and a crown or something weird. But if you know your bride loves crazy things like that, then sure do it!

4. The party is about the Bride To Be. For everything you do or plan keep the Bride To Be in mind. Ask with everything you choose, would she like it? And maybe that means that you don’t really like it that much. But it’s the party for the Bride to Be, not for you!

5. If you’re a guest, don’t cancel for stupid reasons. If you do this, how loyal as a friend are you to the bride? We had one week before the party started a few people who cancelled. Some had a good reason, some didn’t. And it was a sh*tload of work to call that centre again that we had a change in number of people who would come. Which also bring a lot of counting and miscounting in the budget because it keeps changing and changing. Only cancel for a good reasons, you know by yourself which reasons are good and which are not...

These are my lessons from organising a bachelorette party. If you have more tips, please tell me in de comments below about it! We all like to have a party like this to go as smooth as possible. Also, this post went up later than normal because I forgot to take my memory card with me to Ede. And I went home yesterday so that is why I posted it today!

Xx Rianne
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