Monday, 18 December 2017

Can I Go Back To Croatia, Please?!

This summer my little sister and I decided not to go on holiday with my parents. We wanted to go together to Croatia. But I never really looked at the photo's we made and finally I decided to take a decent look at the photo’s. And I can tell you, we miss the beauty of that country! Take a look yourself:

We also went on a day trip to Rovinj. A beautiful little village we reached by boat. This day I didn't take many pictures. So these are the best ones I had.

One of the very few free evenings we had, I spent watching and trying to photograph the sunset in Tar. The place we stayed at. I think the result is very pretty!
Sunset in Tar
We also went on a boat for dolphin spotting! And we saw a few!
Under the sun are 3 dolphins. sadly I'm not the best photographer so I couldn't get a better shot

We also went a lot of times to Porec for evenings going out and drinking cocktails in an amazing bar called the General Lounge. If you ever go to Porec, go to that bar, the cocktails are amazing and the view on the bay that the lounge has is beautiful.

Here are some random photo's of the sea, me and my sister together at the Plitvice Lakes and visiting Venice!

Can we please go back and enjoy the sun and the beautiful nature?! We both miss it so much..

Xx Rianne
Friday, 8 December 2017

Movie Review: Wonder

‘Be kind, because everybody fights their own battles’

Wonder. The moment I saw this trailer I was sold. I had to go and see this movie. And I wasn’t disappointed. The story is about a young boy Auggie (August Pullman) who is born with a very rare condition which makes him look different than all the other kids. His mom home-schooled him but at some point she thinks it’s time for him to go to a regular school. We follow him through his school year. And the most wonderful thing about this movie is, that we don’t only follow him. The movie is parted in chapters, which all revolve around Auggie but with a different point of view.
We also see Via’s point of view who is his sister, we see Via’s best friend and Auggie’s first friend point of view.

The movie shows us how we are biased when we see someone’s behaviour or face. For example: we see the bully, and all the time we wonder why he is such an asshole to poor Auggie. But then we see his parents, and the puzzle pieces come together. Just like Via’s best friend. Why ded she suddenly stopped talking to Via who is her best friend?

By seeing their point of view we see their pain and battles in their own life. First we only saw Auggie and cried with him and got angry at the world. But then we see other people’s life and your opinion changes.

Just like one of the last lines of the movie: ‘Be kind, because everybody fights their own battles’

Also I should not forget the main actors: Jacob Tremblay, Owen Wilson, Izabela Vidovic and Julia Roberts.
They deserve an A+ for their work. And the other kids in this movie too. It’s not cringy seeing them saying their lines. It so believable when they're being mean or being kind. I was sitting with a huge smile on my face when they smiled, when jokes were made and only just a second later I was crying with them or shocked. This movie is so well done that I told my friend that if my sisters or mom wants to go and see this movie that I’ll go with them. I would love to see this movie again!

And the best thing about this movie is, that it’s understandable for kids AND adults. The lesson about this is that we shouldn’t judge anyone. Not by their looks or behaviour. Everybody has their own story. It’s a movie rated 6+. So if you’re a mother or father, you can take your kid too. It’s a wonderful movie with some really good life lessons in it for old and young.

Xx Rianne
Monday, 4 December 2017

Life Update: Struggling With Social Anxiety & Depression

I'm back. It took me months, but I'm back. And I want to explain to you why I suddenly disapeared and barely blogged since March.

It happened at the end of April when I broke. I had been pretending I was okay for way too long (I certainly wasn't okay.) I didn't know how 'okay' felt anymore. I constantly felt tired and confused and I was negative about myself and just felt lost. I barely got excited for things. I never did things with fun. I felt like a robot. And so, after my mom advised me when I finally told her how I felt, I went to see a doctor. And after seeing the doctor and going to a therapist it turned out that I was on the edge of a depression and had social anxiety.

So I decided (with help from my therapist of course) to literally stand still. I finished my internship and school projects last semester and focused on recovering. And now after more than a half year I decided that I'm going to pick up things that I really like to do. Because doing nothing isn't who I am.

I'm always doing something. And one of those 'somethings' is blogging. So I took time to plan stuff and to make a little schedule and I thought that I'll start posting when I felt like was the good time. And I think the time is right now. I'm finally feeling better and picking up (school)life again. Therapy is over and the therapist said I was strong enough to battle the world on my own strength again!!

I really want you to understand that I'm still going through rough times. I can't promise blogposts every Monday even though I made a schedule and have lots of new ideas. Writersblocks are lurking everywhere. As soon as I feel a little bit 'off'' I'm in this downwards spiral of unhappiness. And everything I do sucks in my opinion and that makes me feel bad. And then I do nothing just so I feel less like a failure. Which means no blogpost, no schoolwork, no life, no going out. Which also doesn't make me feel better of course... But I'm doing much better now only I still have those bad days but I have them less and less often!

Photo from Pinterest >
I've decided to post this blogpost because I have a period in which I feel really good. But I still have ups and downs. I hope that this blog can be my happy place again. And that I can slowly keep up with blogging and my life. I will try to post every monday but I have to put as less pressure as possible on myself, because I freak out very easily when I promise something and can't make it true... So that you know, I'm back but I'm still batteling with weird feelings.

We'll see what's going to happen. I just thought I had to let you know.
This blogpost went up this earlier this year but I took it ofline because I underrestimated my situation. It took me way longer to get better than I expected.(So this is the edited version)

So... I think I'm back on track and I love you all and hope you’re doing much better than I do. And if not, you must know that it's okay to feel different than happy because lots of people do feel like that and do have struggles. And if you feel like you need someone to talk to, you can talk to me by email and know that you can talk to your doctor, a person at school, your parents, friends or anonymous on special websites. Just google and you'll find a website in your own language that can help you professionally with your problem.
Don't be like me and hide these feelings from the world. It's not helping, I can tell you... Talking is the best option! Because there is help out there and you can get better!

Ps: I’m a little bit sorry that I didn't tell you this before and that I just stayed quiet. But it's just that I’m comfortable saying this now. I hope you understand.

Love you lots!

Xx Rianne
Friday, 21 July 2017

Movie Review: Dunkirk

Yesterday my sister and I suddenly decided that we wanted to see Dunkirk. I had been talking about this movie since I had seen the trailer. And yesterday my sister visited and then we said to each other. Today Dunkirk is finally in our movie theatre so let’s go!

I’m never excited to see a war movie. But I’m always curious to what the story is. I didn’t really know the story of Dunkirk, just like when I went to Hacksaw Ridge. What really happened there? What is the (his)story? And I knew that this wouldn’t be a ‘fun’ movie to watch just like Hacksaw Ridge.

Still my curiosity kept bubbling inside me and so we bought our tickets and as soon as the movie started it captured me. Nothing was said for a long time. The introduction to the characters was us watching them doing their thing: survive.

The movie has three story lines. One is the soldiers on the beach waiting to go home, another one is about spitfire pilots and the other one is about a British man with his son and a friend on their boat on the way to Dunkirk to pick up the soldiers waiting there. The further you get into the movie the closer the storylines come together. At first it can be a little confusing but watch and see how all the storylines are connected.

I didn’t know all the actors. I only knew Harry Styles because of my One Direction fan girl time... I had a little doubt about Harry but still tried not to be too biased. It wasn’t that I doubted his acting skills, it was more that he would have been put in the movie because he has the name and fame. But Harry did a really good job. Just like the others guys. They’re all splendid actors.

What really is special about this movie is the way it has been filmed. It’s slow, it captures details and the camera work is fantastic. Also there is not much added drama between character. the situation they're all in is enough. This movie got me from the moment it started. And the music was terrific. Hans Zimmer did a wonderful job in creating such good (nerve wrecking) music.
Also, this movie hasn’t much fighting or horrible slaughter scenes in it like Hacksaw Ridge has. This story has been told in a very different way. People around us didn’t really like that. There’re were four girls in front of us and they were specifically there to see Harry Styles. They were constantly telling each other very loudly that they didn’t understood the movie and that it was boring. (Very annoying!) And behind us was a group of guys that – I think – expected to see some violent and bloody movie. So they we’re also very disappointed and also said numerous times out loud that they didn’t quite understood what was happening. Other people on the other hand, were just like us, enjoying the movie, learning about a war story that hasn’t much been told in our history books.

So for a fun evening, this isn’t the right movie I think. It’s more of an infotainment movie. I think it’s just like every other war movie. Think about Saving Privet Ryan, One Bridge too Far, and Hacksaw Ridge. It’s a war movie. Based on history and some are even true stories. Wonderful and painful to watch at the same time. I think that is the best I can describe this movie with.

Have you seen Dunkirk? And what did you think of it?

Xx Rianne

Monday, 17 July 2017

8 Eye Openers after 40 Days Without Netflix

I'm an addict to movies and series. I love (re)watching movies and series. And since it was Lenting season a few months ago I decided to cut Netflix from my life for 40 days.
And here is what I found out. **

1. I never thought I would feel so bored.. Seriously. Lots of hours a week are spent on Netflix and suddenly I had so much time left.

2. I spent more time with my parents in the weekend. Normally my Sundays are filled with watching series or movies. And now I stayed longer downstairs to have a cup of tea with my parents.

3. Earlier bed times. Not that I watch till midnight. But I always sleep later than planned when I’m watching Netflix. And now, when it was time to go to bed, I went. So I felt less tired during my internship.

4. I had more time to think and pray. I am a Christian and these 40 days are for us to create more time to spent with God and overthink your behaviour. So I really thought more about others and though about how fortunate we are and how rich and blessed we are.

5. I read much more. I started reading little woman. A 700 pages thick book. Quite a challenge and at first the reading didn't go very fast. But I’ve read two afternoons and suddenly I was halfway through and enjoying the life of 4 young girls growing up in the world. (Seriously, I love this book!)

6. I did more schoolwork. While I’ve got my internship right now. I can't do schoolwork during the day because I’m at the office. And now instead of watching movies or the vampire diaries in the evening I do schoolwork and more work for my internship.

7. I take more time to take for myself. Since I was so busy with internship and school I really put myself down. At evening I was exhausted and watched series. But now my evening were longer than normal and I took time to pamper myself, did some facemasks and relaxed more.

8. I even went for a run. I used to be very sportive but since I studied I quit and never really picked it up again. But now my evenings were free and the past two weeks I went out to enjoy the longer evenings with a short run.

I learned a lot these past 40 days and realized how blessed we are. It was a real challenge. Especially the first two weeks were really hard. I didn't know what to do and was so bored. But after two weeks I got more inventive and did different things like reading, thinking and being thankful for what I’ve got, running, I had more time to take care of myself. It just made me realize how much time is spent watching series and movies. Not that there is anything wrong with it. I just barely realized how much time I spent on Netflix. But now I do. And now I just go back to Vampire diaries. I’m at season 4 and near the end! I can't wait to see the season finale!

Xx Rianne

** I uploaded this post very late. I had made this blogpost while it was lenting season but never posted it. Read here why I didn't post it on time and why I wasn't online for so long.
Monday, 27 March 2017

Story Time: My Very First Nail Polish

When I was cleaning out my nail polish collection I found a really old, barely readable, dried out pearly pink nail polish bottle. This – my fellow readers- was my very first nail polish.

Me and my sister did (and still do) a lot together. And when we were younger we decided that we were old enough to buy our very first nail polish. We always had to ask for our mothers nail polish and we decided that we needed our own stash. So we went to 'De Kruidvat' (something like Boots) and tested several colours. We wanted a colour that was neutral, that could fit many outfits and didn’t stand out too much. And so we decided to buy this beauty...

Neither of us worked yet and we only got some pocket money. So we split te price. We probably had to pay something like 1,50 each. But it was a sacrifise. 1,5 week helping my mum with cleaning out the dishwasher and setting the table.. I mean, that’s a lot of work when you’re younger! ;)
But I remember how cool I felt when I bought this bottle. I was so proud! And when we got home we both polished our nails. It was sugary pearly pink and we did our best to polish our nails as neat as possible. 

And that was the start of my nail polish collection. At this moment I’m not allowed to wear nail polish at work, so I barely polish my nails anymore. But I’m still so proud about this moment and I will never throw away this pink dried out bottle of nail polish. I’ve thrown many bottles away but this one is very special to me.

Sadly I haven’t noted this moment in my diary.. At least, I couldn’t find it in all the stories that are written in there. But I think it was at least 10 years ago. When we just moved from Monster (yes, that’s a real place in The Netherlands) to Noord-Scharwoude. I think it could be possible that it was the same year that I secretly wore mascara to school and that my mom found out during lunch. She made me wash it off because I was too young for make up! So I must be around the age of 10 or 11! (By the way, I took my sisters mascara because I, of course, didn’t own one myself...)

So this is my memorie of my very first beauty product bought by myself -and sister-. Do you remember what beauty product you bought? Let me know in the comments below!

Xx Rianne

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Monday, 20 March 2017

Book Review: Everyone Brave is Forgiven

Since forever I got time to read. Sometimes I think it’s hard to sit yourself down and read. And the past half year, I haven’t been reading much. So now my internship has started I’ve to travel by train for an hour. Sometimes I prepare the day or do some last tasks on the way but most of the time I get my book out of my bag and read!


And the latest book I read was Everyone Brave is Forgiven by Chris Cleaves. I bought it when I was at Dublin Airport waiting 5 hours for my next flight home from the US. I saw a bookstand which was almost completely sold out. Only this one book was left. And I thought, if so many people buy this book, than I should be buying it too. And I understand why so many people bought this book.

This book is about the start of the second world war in Britain, London. It’s about a few characters: Mary, Alistair and Tom. You get to know them. You start to love them. Mary and Tom live in London and Alistair, Tom's friend is, off to war. And these storylines connect to each other. And to read how people lost their loved ones, what damage the war did to them... It was scary. I’ve always been interested in stories about the war. I’ve been to a camp in Mauthausen, I’ve done a few research projects about the war. But everytime, it hits me harder. The older I get the more I realise how awful the war really was. And this book... it got me in tears.

It was painful to read some scenes. At one moment I was in the train, reading about a lovely part when Alistair sends a letter home from the front. And then litteraly in less than 5 sentences you feel so helpless you want to throw the book against wall because the plane crashes and kills people and all the letters written by soldiers never received home and drowned into the ocean. Leaving so many people at home wondering if their husband, brother or son is still alive…  
I was in the train so I couldn’t throw my book. But I really had to put the book down for a second, took a deep breath and then I continued reading. And this is nothing like the other stuff happening in the book. But I don’t want to spoil things, but much worse scenes are written and make you feel hopeless! One time I cried, one time I felt the pain, one time I wanted to scream, one time I just wanted to stop reading and forget that the war has happened. (But we must never forget what happened) It was sometimes so painful to read. Chris Cleaves inspired the story on his grandparents. Which makes it more realistic.

What I learned from this book

I’m living in free country and have lived in peace for almost 21 years! I’ve never seen war… and this book, this one got me. It made me realise even more how bad the war has been. How many people died for our freedom. I swear, this book makes an impression on you. and it made me realize how lucky we are that we get to grow up in peace. and that we must contain peace and help others to live in peace.

That's why you should read it!

Monday, 13 March 2017

10 Tips to Survive an Internship

At the moment I’m half way trough my internship. And here is what I learned so far.

1. Don’t be late. And make sure that if you are late, that you can call someone to tell them that you’re late. It’s not bad when it’s five minutes, I mean, we all have traffic troubles... But when you slept through your alarm, be brave, call them and explain what happened, that you are on your way right now and that you are later than usual. Don’t do this too often…

2. Be prepared. This sounds like I’m captain obvious. But being prepared is much more than having a pen and paper with you and have watched the programm or read the paper or whatever you can do to prepare. I mean with this one: know what you want to learn, prepare for that question. I wasn’t prepared for the question what I specifically wanted to learn and at that moment I felt pretty stupid and we couldn’t really get stared.

3. Do not procrastinate work out of fear. No matter how shy you are. Just do it. Call that person, just pick up the phone and do it. Go to the desk of colleagues and ask for the you need.. The longer you procrastinate what you should be doing, the more you get delayed in your process and it will look like you don’t want to work for the company it gives a bad impression. It’s hard, I know.

4. Dare to make mistakes. I’m very frightened of this one. I swear, I’m afraid to fail. I’m afraid I do something wrong and ruin the working process. But this is the exact reason why you are there. You are having this internship so you can learn. And learning is a process of trail and error. Try not to make the same mistake twice. But it’s very logical that you do things wrong the first time you do it. So don’t be scared. Do it, learn from it and do it better.

5. Be honest. This is very important. If you’re not being honest about how you're doing, about how things are going then how are they going to know that you are having a hard time or that you can’t figure something out by yourself? Tell them. I haven’t always been very honest and then you feel pretty stupid when you do something wrong, while you could ask and do it better without failing.  I mean, is it that hard to ask for help when you must do something you’ve never done? I don’t think so… but you’re mind is a trickster. Just ask and they are willing to help. Just be honest about what you know and don’t know.

6. Don’t wait untill work comes to you. In my first internship last year, after I asked for more work a few times and when I heard that there was not much to do I stopped asking. And the result of that was that I didn’t do enough work according to them. I wasn’t asking enough for more work. So I got it in my own face again and got myself in trouble because I stopped asking for some other work to do when I was done.

7. Know that this is going to be a hard time. Going from school suddenly into the adult life of fulltime working is hard. Especially since you are still learning and they expect from you to know everything. First of all, tell them as soon as you notice that they think you know everything. Because that is not true. You are a student and you are there to learn. But it’s just hard. For some people it is harder to adjust than others and not every internship is awesome. So it’s okay to have a hard time, to cry (do it at home, I cried in front of 4! People, I was embarressed) But it’s not always going to be easy. You are going to be dead tired at the end of the day, you are going to feel like you can’t do this when your half way through and everything is so overwhelming. But in the end you'll learn so much that it's totally worth it.

8. Don’t let them make a slave of you. You’re here to learn and work. Not work like a maniac and still let them treat you like you’re nothing. And expecially: you’re not the coffee (wo)men. It is okay to get them some coffee once in while. That's just being friendly to your colleagues. But when it’s part of your job, doing the coffee every hour, then something is terribly wrong with the place you are having your internship at. Tell this to your coordinator. Say something like: I feel like I can’t reach the goals we’ve set for this internship. Could you help me with reaching my goals? If that doesn’t work, tell your teacher that you learn more about the different coffee machines on different floors in the company than that you learn about company. The teacher will reach out and help.

9. Never introduce yourself as an intern. Only when it is necessary to say, say you’re an intern. But otherwise. You are an employee and you work for that company. You are fully capable of functioning on your own. People always think lower of interns. Don’t lie about it. But don’t make yourself look less worthy while you are working just as hard as any other employee there.

10. Make sure to plan a progress talk every week while you're at your internship. A little talk every week keeps you and your internship coordinator up to date about your work, what is hard for you, what you should work on. It makes things clear for you and your coordinator and so you can't have any miscommunication. And if there is, it can be solved quickly. If you don't talk once in two weeks there is change that you or him/her have a misunderstanding which can cause a big problem for you to bring your internship to a good end.

Extra: Bring cake. At the moment cake is very important at my internship here. For fun it’s a rule that interns bring cake on their first day. So I baked cupcakes and brought them here. And in a few weeks it’s my birthday so I’ll bring cake again. Last year, every intern that left had to bring cake. So if you want to make a good first of good last impression. Bring cake ;)
> only when you know it is their kind of humor. Other wise they’ll think that you are trying to trick them into liking you for bringing cake and getting a better grade when you leave. So watch out for miscommunication!

I hoped this helped you! And if you have more tips for going surviving an internship than let me know in the comments below.

Xx Rianne
Monday, 6 March 2017

USA Photo Diary

I wanted to write blogposts everyday when I was in the USA but I couldn’t do it because of a massive jetlag and lack of time and the days were full of activities. 

Standing on a frozen lake!

The steps of making a snowangel

Griffins Game

Sand and Snow

Chicago Bean

Willis Tower

But I still wanted to post some of my favourite photos of the trip. And now it’s still winter, so I can post snowy pictures. And pictures of ice and wintercoats!
This trip was a trip that I will never forget. The fact that it’s still fresh in my mind when I’ve already been home for 2 months says how full I am about trip. Also, I’m still posting pics on my instagram about it. And I don’t care. It’s about dreaming. Going through these photos is like relieving the memories. Also, I’ve been writing in a travel diary. And that thing is most dearest to me. Everyday I sat down to write in it and to put bills, polaroids, tickets, little details that could easily be forgotten...  It’s all in there! Look how it looks like:

Isn’t that the most precious thing? I love how it looks. Completely filled and not being able to close normally.

But now I thought, since it’s been two months… I should post the photo’s before it really is to late for snow pictures. I mean, it March! (Summer is on the way! YAY!)

Xx Rianne
Friday, 3 March 2017

Movie Review: Demain Tout Commence (An Emotional Rollercoaster)

Wanna go an emotional rollercoaster movie? Then I think demain tout commence is the perfect film.

Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash

Two weeks ago my friend called me and said: let’s go to the cinema. And I never say no. (she nows that!) so we went looking and we had this little problem. Not many movies were in the cinema that we actually liked. I mean, we’re dying to see Beauty and the Beast but that movie releases March 27th here in the Netherlands.

But we went looking and we decided to go to Demain Tout Commence. A french movie. We knew the leading actor. He’s very good in Intouchable. A lovely movie that you really have to see!

So we went and we had no idea what to expect. Of course we read a little summary. And when the  movie started it was like a dream. The story was beautiful.
The story is about a guy that suddenly gets his child pushed in his arms and the girl who is the mom runs of leaving the two behind. Samuel is going to try and find who the mother is of the little baby Gloria because he is not ready to raise a child.

He goes to London because he recognised something from the moms facebook picture. Lots of funny situations further Samuel decides to take a job as a stuntman in London and he’s going to raise his daughter. And then you get to see Gloria growing up in timelaps. So much joy!

And then the story continues when Gloria has to go to school but never attends. Samuel takes her with him to the moviesets because he doesn’t speak English and his daughter speaks French and English and works as a translater for him.

Then the mother comes back and takes Samuel to court because she also wants to be a mum to Gloria. The fights about the child, the child that doesn’t understand. It gives lots of wonderful moments of joy but also lots of moment where I was quickly wiping away tears from the corner of my eye because of the pain the father is put through, how painful life can be.

And than the end. The whole movie you wonder why Gloria has such an awesome room. She has a slide down to the livingroom. A wall full of lego made in a worldmap, a little door in which she enters the house. I mean, I dreamt as little kid of a room like that! Samuel is making Gloria live the childrens dreamlife. Lots of fun, no restrictions and barely school. But in the end you understand why. I’m not going to tell you what it is. But this was one of the biggest plot twists in movies I had ever seen that made me cry.

When the movie was over, I looked at my friend, she looked at me and then we both looked away because we were both crying. We just wanted to know if the other one was crying too.

Really this movie is a very good one. Like I said, an emotional rollercoaster because it has humor, fun, pain, family and reality in it!
Go and see it for yourself!

Xx Rianne
Monday, 27 February 2017

Movie Review: La La Land

When I was Chicago, I couldn’t not go to the movies. I knew Chicago is a city where lots of filming has happened over the past few years. So, being a movie addict I went to the cinema with Margreeth and Sanne. And there was one movie that just premiered and we had to go.

So after some research in a hamburger place, where I ate a huge hamburger we went to an AMC Theater. I was so excited to see this movie. And this movie didn’t disapoint me at all. I had heard good things and you should have seen me coming out of that theatre! I was even more excited than I was before I saw the movie!

I mean, the opening was gold. It was a sort of lipdub, everything was timed perfectly and the song was catchy and the colours were perfect.
And then the story came, fun to watch and it wasns’t hard to understand what the movie is about. So easy to watch and to understand. 

It was a little harder to understand though because we always have subtitles. But still, the story is about two people that have dreams and feel like they can’t make it true. They help each other and  it had an unexpected ending. But it was good acting from Ryan and Emma. I do love these two actors btw!
And the techniques where wonderful. The soft cuts between the scenes, the lightning was perfectly used to create the right feelings at the right moments and the colours were very sweet and pastel. So the whole movie was suggary sweet but that was all what we needed on a girls night out in Chicago.

We all enjoyed the movie and I still love the idea that I went to a cinema outside The Netherlands. I never thought, when I in de US that there would be someone to come with me to the cinema but Sanne and Margreeth were into it. So I know I haven’t thanked them, but they made the trip perfect for me ;) I also strongly recommend this movie. Just because it’s a fun to watch and not hard to understan. This movie was one big entertainment for me. So I truly hope it will be the same for you guys!

Also last night La La Land won an oscar for Best Director,, Best Score, Best song (City of Stars), best cinematographer, best production design and Emma Stone won Best Leading Actress!
Well that is a load of Oscars and I think La La Land deserves it because I loved the movie so much.

Xx Rianne

By the way sorry for this very late review. I totally forgot I had written this one, so that's the reason why this one is posted so late.
Monday, 13 February 2017

Life update: To Break or Not To Break

This title has two meanings. When I returned from the USA I thought that I needed and wanted a break from blogging. I messed up lots of deadlines and I have been working till midnight to get all the work done. And this time, I didn’t finish it all on time. I missed like 3 or 4 deadlines and I had a very important test to make. So there was literally no time for blogging at all. I’ve been exhausting myself these past few weeks and worked really hard.

Also, I started my last internship this February. I am working for a TV program which is a big change. Normally I’m writing but I decided that I wanted to learn something completely new. So I went to ‘the other side’ of journalism and choose a TV internship. And to tell you the truth: it is difficult. I expected it to be difficult but not this difficult. So after three days of new impressions, lots of information and a training in human interest interviews I broke. I cried at my internship in front of 4 (!) people. How embarrassing… 

I’m telling you this because I believe that I shouldn’t be telling you how happy I am that have this great internship and that I’m doing perfectly fine. I truly am happy, but this internship is going to be a tough one for me. And I think that lots of people have hard times at their internship. They’ll learn a lot but at some point we all cry because it’s too overwhelming right?! So why should I lie about my struggles? I know I am going to learn a lot, but it’s going to be hard. So to make life more relatable for you guys, I’m telling you that I cried, that I’m tired every evening and that I can hardly wake up in the morning because I’m still tired from the struggles of the day before. But that I'll survive. And for anyone who is going through an internship at the moment: we can do this!!!!

And that’s also why I’m not going to promise any more scheduled blogposts for the upcoming months. I do promise a lot and failed and disappointed you and disappointed myself. And that’s not what we need right now. At first I was like, should I take a break and tell you guys about it? But I don’t want to take a break. Because when I feel like I should write I want to be able to write. And if I take a serious break from here, I can’t just upload if I feel like I should write something ;)
So keep an eye on here. I am going to TRY to write blogposts every Monday from now on. But if there’s not a blogpost, you know I’ll have a mental breakdown, or that I’m just trying to catch some extra sleep hours because I am having an exhausting but very interesting internship!



Btw: At the moment I've lots of blogposts idea's popping up in my head, so that's a really good thing! ;)