Monday, 2 January 2017

Life update: Going to the USA

My life has been very busy again. But not with school this time. The past few weeks were weeks full of preparation for my sisters bachelorette party, her wedding and Christmas and new year!

So that's the reason for no blogposts. There was no time and when we had free time, we wanted to spend it together instead of everyone behind their phone or laptop. So I've been very absent on here and maybe this time I'm not even sorry. I'm looking back on the most wonderful weeks of this year with lots of love and laughter and amazing memories!

But now a new year has begun and it’s immediately very exciting! I’m going to America tomorrow and I can’t wait for the adventure to begin. So I’ve been preparing for the past few days. Because I’m always procrastinating I did everything last minute but I guess I’m ready now to take off and start an adventure in the USA. It’s going to be my second flight in my life and I must say I’m a bit anxious about it because it's the first long flight and that’s just a bit scary. It’s also my first time so far far away from home. And yeah that’s just a big thing you know?

But now I’m ready to go. And I truly hope that I can blog every day. I’m really going to do my best just like I did in London two years ago! (Is it that long ago already?) I really enjoyed the blogging every day but it’s really hard to fit it in the day when there is so much to do and so less time… But I'll try! Promise.

For now, wish me luck and if you want to follow me for more little things about this trip to the USA than gollow me on my Instagram, snapchat (erikarianne) and twitter and take a look around here to see how my adventure is going!

All the love and best wishes for the new year!!

Xx Rianne
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