Thursday, 5 January 2017

USA Day 1 & 2: Travels and First Impressions

So I finally got time to get my laptop and sit down for a second to update you and tell you about day 1 and 2. After more than 24 hours of travelling and waiting, I finally arrived yesterday in Grand Rapids at Cornerstone University. The flight was fine and I travelled with 6 others girls who are also in this minor from our school and we had a good time together. There is not much to say about yesterday. It was just traveling and we arrived here when it was dark so I just didn’t see much of the university campus. Also, I was so tired. I really wasn’t paying attention to everything.

And then this morning I woke up, still a bit tired and confused because we went 7 hours back in time but I slept very well. And then I had to get dressed and I sleep in a dorm room. This is my very first time in a dorm room. It’s just new. I am a student for four years but I’ve never seen something like this. We do have a campus but there we don’t have halls with sleeping rooms for girls only. And a lavatory that all girls uses. My very first thought of the lavatory was that it looked like a camping bathroom. The toilets and showers and stuff. I could only compare it with camping’s I’ve been to.  But our campus is mixed with boys and girls in houses. We have buildings in which you own a room and you share only with 3 others the shower and the kitchen and the living room. Here is not something like that. There is no kitchen! Everybody buys their meals every day and not cooking it because simply they can’t. But there is some sort of common room but I haven’t been there yet. 

This had me thinking of: WHAT TEAM? WILDCATS!

We also went to Gerald R. Ford museum. Which was a cool museum because you could weigh yourself and find out what your Moon Weigh would be. That was cool! We also when to Meijer. A massive shopping centre where you can buy food and bullets (!) like it’s no big deal. Buy food and if you need some more bullets you can get them there too. For me, that’s unbelievable. Food is good, bullets are killing and you can buy them in the same store. But apparently here you can.

And this picture above is crazy! This is a piece of the German Wall. It's the first time I see a piece of this wall. And it's in the USA. Not even Germany. And the Germans are my neighbors and right now I'm so far awar from home...
I'm here for the snow. I haven't seen proper snow in years and you all should know how happy I am that it's snowing here!

Right now, the other Dutch people are with each other in someone’s room. They skipped dinner but my roommate, (? is that the right word?) the girl that shares her dorm room with me and with another Dutch girl, took me to the cafeteria and I sat with her and her friends. I ate some pasta and we chatted about differences and those kind of things and I just really like this time off. Just a little rest and doing nothing but writing a blogpost and writing in my travel diary.

Xx Rianne
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