Saturday, 7 January 2017

USA Day 3 & 4: My Very First Mac 'n Cheese, Museums and Detroit

 So yesterday was really cold! It was -11 and snowing. But we went to Our Daily Bread, a publisher and it was very interesting there. It's a big company that publishes Christian books and all and also have a tv and radio station. That was, for me as journalism student, really cool to see.

Then we had lunch and during lunch I became homesick. I felt a bit lonely then and I just started to cry when I called my mom. But I've told people about it and now they know and they are helping me. In the afternoon we went to WoodTV. They were going to film a program with us, and they asked for volunteers to walk on snowshoes. I don't have a photo but I'm going to screenshot as soon as I've seen the footage. It was really cool to test those shoes. I felt like bigfoot because of the traces it left behind. It was wonderful to find out that with those shoes on walking in the snow is not slippery at all. So this was a cool experience. Then we went home to the campus and we had game night. We played all kind of Dutch games which was fun.

And today it was even colder. It was -14!!!! Crazy! But we went to Detroit. So we had to get up early to get there in time for our tour around Ford Museum and Factory. So while on the road we talked a lot with one of the professors who used to live in Detroit and he told us everything about the history. When we arrived we went to the production area first and to see how those pick-up trucks are made was really impressive. Then we went to see all sorts of Ford cars and we learned about the history of Henry Ford and I say it again: I’m impressed! 

Then we went for lunch and I had for the first time in my life Mac ’n cheese and this was delicious. at first I thought it would be just lots of cheese but it wasn’t and it was soo good! Now I understand why you Americans are always talking about how good mac ‘n cheese is! ;)

Then we went into Ford museum which was so cool! I love old cars and that museum was full of it. everywhere I looked I saw beautiful cars and also the president cars and the car from John F. Kennedy when he was shot. Not that that is cool but it’s part of the history. And Fords museum is not just cars. There was also lots of information about the separation of black and white people. The bus from Rosa Parks, but there we’re also big doll houses which we’re so beautiful that I got jealous that the museum has those big houses!

Then we went for a ride through Detroit to see what the economic crisis did to the city. And I was shocked. How can this happen to such a beautiful city? All the houses I saw were damaged and empty and ruined. But the houses once looked beautiful and I was so sad that this happened and I truly hope that once Detroit can become a glorious city again.

Sorry for the blur. We were driving by and weren't allowed to get out of the car...

Artist made something happy out of something sad
Then we went to chipotle to eat something and I had a burrito!!! The photo below says enough and I couldn’t eat it all but it tastes soooo good!

Sorry for the typo :(
Now I’m going to sleep. I’m still tired and I think it’s a jetlag but I don’t really know because I never had a jetlag before. It’s just that I always wake up at 3 AM and that I feel wide awake. Then I go and take a walk to the bathroom and go back and try to sleep again. So good night everyone and I’ll see you soon! Tomorrow we’re going to a Griffins game and that’s something I’m also really excited about!


Xx Rianne

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