Monday, 13 February 2017

Life update: To Break or Not To Break

This title has two meanings. When I returned from the USA I thought that I needed and wanted a break from blogging. I messed up lots of deadlines and I have been working till midnight to get all the work done. And this time, I didn’t finish it all on time. I missed like 3 or 4 deadlines and I had a very important test to make. So there was literally no time for blogging at all. I’ve been exhausting myself these past few weeks and worked really hard.

Also, I started my last internship this February. I am working for a TV program which is a big change. Normally I’m writing but I decided that I wanted to learn something completely new. So I went to ‘the other side’ of journalism and choose a TV internship. And to tell you the truth: it is difficult. I expected it to be difficult but not this difficult. So after three days of new impressions, lots of information and a training in human interest interviews I broke. I cried at my internship in front of 4 (!) people. How embarrassing… 

I’m telling you this because I believe that I shouldn’t be telling you how happy I am that have this great internship and that I’m doing perfectly fine. I truly am happy, but this internship is going to be a tough one for me. And I think that lots of people have hard times at their internship. They’ll learn a lot but at some point we all cry because it’s too overwhelming right?! So why should I lie about my struggles? I know I am going to learn a lot, but it’s going to be hard. So to make life more relatable for you guys, I’m telling you that I cried, that I’m tired every evening and that I can hardly wake up in the morning because I’m still tired from the struggles of the day before. But that I'll survive. And for anyone who is going through an internship at the moment: we can do this!!!!

And that’s also why I’m not going to promise any more scheduled blogposts for the upcoming months. I do promise a lot and failed and disappointed you and disappointed myself. And that’s not what we need right now. At first I was like, should I take a break and tell you guys about it? But I don’t want to take a break. Because when I feel like I should write I want to be able to write. And if I take a serious break from here, I can’t just upload if I feel like I should write something ;)
So keep an eye on here. I am going to TRY to write blogposts every Monday from now on. But if there’s not a blogpost, you know I’ll have a mental breakdown, or that I’m just trying to catch some extra sleep hours because I am having an exhausting but very interesting internship!



Btw: At the moment I've lots of blogposts idea's popping up in my head, so that's a really good thing! ;)
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