Monday, 6 March 2017

USA Photo Diary

I wanted to write blogposts everyday when I was in the USA but I couldn’t do it because of a massive jetlag and lack of time and the days were full of activities. 

Standing on a frozen lake!

The steps of making a snowangel

Griffins Game

Sand and Snow

Chicago Bean

Willis Tower

But I still wanted to post some of my favourite photos of the trip. And now it’s still winter, so I can post snowy pictures. And pictures of ice and wintercoats!
This trip was a trip that I will never forget. The fact that it’s still fresh in my mind when I’ve already been home for 2 months says how full I am about trip. Also, I’m still posting pics on my instagram about it. And I don’t care. It’s about dreaming. Going through these photos is like relieving the memories. Also, I’ve been writing in a travel diary. And that thing is most dearest to me. Everyday I sat down to write in it and to put bills, polaroids, tickets, little details that could easily be forgotten...  It’s all in there! Look how it looks like:

Isn’t that the most precious thing? I love how it looks. Completely filled and not being able to close normally.

But now I thought, since it’s been two months… I should post the photo’s before it really is to late for snow pictures. I mean, it March! (Summer is on the way! YAY!)

Xx Rianne
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