Monday, 17 July 2017

8 Eye Openers after 40 Days Without Netflix

I'm an addict to movies and series. I love (re)watching movies and series. And since it was Lenting season a few months ago I decided to cut Netflix from my life for 40 days.
And here is what I found out. **

1. I never thought I would feel so bored.. Seriously. Lots of hours a week are spent on Netflix and suddenly I had so much time left.

2. I spent more time with my parents in the weekend. Normally my Sundays are filled with watching series or movies. And now I stayed longer downstairs to have a cup of tea with my parents.

3. Earlier bed times. Not that I watch till midnight. But I always sleep later than planned when I’m watching Netflix. And now, when it was time to go to bed, I went. So I felt less tired during my internship.

4. I had more time to think and pray. I am a Christian and these 40 days are for us to create more time to spent with God and overthink your behaviour. So I really thought more about others and though about how fortunate we are and how rich and blessed we are.

5. I read much more. I started reading little woman. A 700 pages thick book. Quite a challenge and at first the reading didn't go very fast. But I’ve read two afternoons and suddenly I was halfway through and enjoying the life of 4 young girls growing up in the world. (Seriously, I love this book!)

6. I did more schoolwork. While I’ve got my internship right now. I can't do schoolwork during the day because I’m at the office. And now instead of watching movies or the vampire diaries in the evening I do schoolwork and more work for my internship.

7. I take more time to take for myself. Since I was so busy with internship and school I really put myself down. At evening I was exhausted and watched series. But now my evening were longer than normal and I took time to pamper myself, did some facemasks and relaxed more.

8. I even went for a run. I used to be very sportive but since I studied I quit and never really picked it up again. But now my evenings were free and the past two weeks I went out to enjoy the longer evenings with a short run.

I learned a lot these past 40 days and realized how blessed we are. It was a real challenge. Especially the first two weeks were really hard. I didn't know what to do and was so bored. But after two weeks I got more inventive and did different things like reading, thinking and being thankful for what I’ve got, running, I had more time to take care of myself. It just made me realize how much time is spent watching series and movies. Not that there is anything wrong with it. I just barely realized how much time I spent on Netflix. But now I do. And now I just go back to Vampire diaries. I’m at season 4 and near the end! I can't wait to see the season finale!

Xx Rianne

** I uploaded this post very late. I had made this blogpost while it was lenting season but never posted it. Read here why I didn't post it on time and why I wasn't online for so long.
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