Friday, 21 July 2017

Movie Review: Dunkirk

Yesterday my sister and I suddenly decided that we wanted to see Dunkirk. I had been talking about this movie since I had seen the trailer. And yesterday my sister visited and then we said to each other. Today Dunkirk is finally in our movie theatre so let’s go!

I’m never excited to see a war movie. But I’m always curious to what the story is. I didn’t really know the story of Dunkirk, just like when I went to Hacksaw Ridge. What really happened there? What is the (his)story? And I knew that this wouldn’t be a ‘fun’ movie to watch just like Hacksaw Ridge.

Still my curiosity kept bubbling inside me and so we bought our tickets and as soon as the movie started it captured me. Nothing was said for a long time. The introduction to the characters was us watching them doing their thing: survive.

The movie has three story lines. One is the soldiers on the beach waiting to go home, another one is about spitfire pilots and the other one is about a British man with his son and a friend on their boat on the way to Dunkirk to pick up the soldiers waiting there. The further you get into the movie the closer the storylines come together. At first it can be a little confusing but watch and see how all the storylines are connected.

I didn’t know all the actors. I only knew Harry Styles because of my One Direction fan girl time... I had a little doubt about Harry but still tried not to be too biased. It wasn’t that I doubted his acting skills, it was more that he would have been put in the movie because he has the name and fame. But Harry did a really good job. Just like the others guys. They’re all splendid actors.

What really is special about this movie is the way it has been filmed. It’s slow, it captures details and the camera work is fantastic. Also there is not much added drama between character. the situation they're all in is enough. This movie got me from the moment it started. And the music was terrific. Hans Zimmer did a wonderful job in creating such good (nerve wrecking) music.
Also, this movie hasn’t much fighting or horrible slaughter scenes in it like Hacksaw Ridge has. This story has been told in a very different way. People around us didn’t really like that. There’re were four girls in front of us and they were specifically there to see Harry Styles. They were constantly telling each other very loudly that they didn’t understood the movie and that it was boring. (Very annoying!) And behind us was a group of guys that – I think – expected to see some violent and bloody movie. So they we’re also very disappointed and also said numerous times out loud that they didn’t quite understood what was happening. Other people on the other hand, were just like us, enjoying the movie, learning about a war story that hasn’t much been told in our history books.

So for a fun evening, this isn’t the right movie I think. It’s more of an infotainment movie. I think it’s just like every other war movie. Think about Saving Privet Ryan, One Bridge too Far, and Hacksaw Ridge. It’s a war movie. Based on history and some are even true stories. Wonderful and painful to watch at the same time. I think that is the best I can describe this movie with.

Have you seen Dunkirk? And what did you think of it?

Xx Rianne

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