Friday, 8 December 2017

Movie Review: Wonder

‘Be kind, because everybody fights their own battles’

Wonder. The moment I saw this trailer I was sold. I had to go and see this movie. And I wasn’t disappointed. The story is about a young boy Auggie (August Pullman) who is born with a very rare condition which makes him look different than all the other kids. His mom home-schooled him but at some point she thinks it’s time for him to go to a regular school. We follow him through his school year. And the most wonderful thing about this movie is, that we don’t only follow him. The movie is parted in chapters, which all revolve around Auggie but with a different point of view.
We also see Via’s point of view who is his sister, we see Via’s best friend and Auggie’s first friend point of view.

The movie shows us how we are biased when we see someone’s behaviour or face. For example: we see the bully, and all the time we wonder why he is such an asshole to poor Auggie. But then we see his parents, and the puzzle pieces come together. Just like Via’s best friend. Why ded she suddenly stopped talking to Via who is her best friend?

By seeing their point of view we see their pain and battles in their own life. First we only saw Auggie and cried with him and got angry at the world. But then we see other people’s life and your opinion changes.

Just like one of the last lines of the movie: ‘Be kind, because everybody fights their own battles’

Also I should not forget the main actors: Jacob Tremblay, Owen Wilson, Izabela Vidovic and Julia Roberts.
They deserve an A+ for their work. And the other kids in this movie too. It’s not cringy seeing them saying their lines. It so believable when they're being mean or being kind. I was sitting with a huge smile on my face when they smiled, when jokes were made and only just a second later I was crying with them or shocked. This movie is so well done that I told my friend that if my sisters or mom wants to go and see this movie that I’ll go with them. I would love to see this movie again!

And the best thing about this movie is, that it’s understandable for kids AND adults. The lesson about this is that we shouldn’t judge anyone. Not by their looks or behaviour. Everybody has their own story. It’s a movie rated 6+. So if you’re a mother or father, you can take your kid too. It’s a wonderful movie with some really good life lessons in it for old and young.

Xx Rianne
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