My little Garden: the biggest courgette I've ever seen.


A few months ago I posted this post about 'My Little Garden'. In the blogpost I tell you about the veggies I was growing. You can read about that here. And totally forgot that I had this blogpost ready to go online. I've been so focussed on my thesis that I put my blog aside. (I will post here and there, but I just need to focus as much as I can on my thesis!) Here is the a very very late update about my little garden.

1. We ate the beans
2. We ate the beets
3. We ate the water melon
4. The one and only courgette that grew was the biggest I've ever seen.

The beans and the beets tasted amazing. From the beets we made beets stew. And I ate twice from my beans. It was not enough to feed the whole family. The stew was for 5 people (my parents, brother and sister). It may sound weird but it was fun to eat my own grown veggies. 

But the courgettes, they wouldn't grow in our garden. The plant tried to grow a courgette and then get rid of it or something. It just didn't work.
But one courgette plant went to the greenhouse of my sisters boyfriend along with my melon plants. And well, look at the result. One massive courgette and a water melon. There was another watermelon but the boys that owned the greenhouse ate it! ;)
For the record, the water melon was as almost as big as the size of a normal football. This is just a giant courgette that weighed around 3 kg. My sister made a lot of courgette soup of it.
Sadly the seeds were so big they weren't edible anymore. So it looked amazing. But next time I should take it earlier of the plant so it stays edible.

Hopefully until next year!

Xx Rianne

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Fall Tag


It’s autumn, and nothing fits better than a Fall Tag. I was tagged by (<< click and visit her amazing blog!) And let the tag begin!!
1. What is one candle you MUST light every fall?
Glades candle apple cinnamon. Not too expensive but it smells sooo good!

2. When you think of fall, what does it remind you of?
It’s not a specific thing autumn reminds me of. I guess, if I think hard, it reminds me of the days when I was younger. When we go search for red and white stippled mushrooms. When we used to go for walks in the forest nearby and how we would collect as many conkers as possible. Which actually is a funny that you can read in this blogpost

3. What is your all-time favorite fall/Halloween movie?
I really love a nightmare before Christmas.

4. What Halloween costume do you have in mind?
One of my biggest wishes is to go to a Halloween themed party. Sadly, here in the Netherlands we don’t really celebrate Halloween, nor do we have trick or treating. (We’ve got Sint Maarten. Which I will tell you about later when it’s November 11th.) So, there is no costume in my mind. But if I ever get to go to a Halloween party I would look for a costume that will go very well with bloody make-up. That would be so cool to put on my face!

Photo by Jessica Lewis from Pexels
5. What is your favorite fall trend? 
I always loved faux fur coats. I finally bought one myself and I think it’s perfect to wear it in fall. Winter will be too cold and rainy for the coat, and I would need a real winter coat. But fall is not too cold not to hot for a faux fur coat.

6. When you think of fall, what drink comes to mind?
Rooibos Tea. That tea has such a warm flavour and smell. I can drink rooibos tea all day long!  And of course hot chocolate. Hot chocolate is for Autumn and Winter.

7. What is your go to fall beauty product? A must have staple!
Dark lipstick shades. Again: in a recent post I wrote about my favourites. Check it out here.
Photo by Alisa Anton on Unsplash
 8. Do you prefer apple pie or pumpkin pie? 
I only ate pumpkin pie once in my life. That was a year ago when I visited the USA. I really really liked but since it’s not available or known in our country I choose apple pie with whipped cream. (But I would love to own a good pumpkin pie recipe!)

9. Do you have any fall traditions? If so tell us all about it!
No, not really. I know me and my mum will go and collect conkers and nuts and put them in a bowl on the table. But it’s not a tradition. We just love the way it looks in our living room and bed room.

10. The moment of truth, is fall your favorite season?
No, it’s not my favourite. I think spring is my favourite because feeling the sun getting stronger and seeing the world coming alive makes me feel so happy. But autumn is also a good season. I just really love every season because every season got something of its own beauty.

Now of course I must tag others for this Fall tag. These people are lovely bloggers with great stories on their blogs. It’s definitely worth your time checking them out!
1. Liv.
2. Maria

3. Clementine
4. Giulia  
5. Vicky 

Can’t wait to read your answers!

Xx Rianne

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Hello Autumn! I love you


Crunchy leaves and the wind howling around our house. Autumn! I’m so looking forward to it.
I’m always looking forward to each season and today I made a list why I love autumn so much.

1. Dark lipstick shades! I love dark lipsticks but only in autumn/winter. My favourites are from left to right: Rimmel 810 one-of-a-kind,Topshop Bookworm, Rimmel Kate 107, Sephora Rouge Cream
2. Sweater weather. I love the warmth of sweaters. I’m always cold but sweaters are the best to keep me warm. And I love to combine it with a cute collar underneath.

3. The crunchy and colourful leaves. When I walk or ride my bike I love to step/ride over the crunchy leaves. The sound is just so nice.
4. Time for candles and fairy lights! In summer, I don’t have candles burning or lights on because mosquito’s are a big fan of those lights and I don’t like mosquitos. But now I can burn as much candles as I want and put my fairy lights on without unwanted guest in my bedroom.

5. I don’t feel guilty about staying inside. In summer, when I’m on my laptop I feel like I should be outside, enjoying the sun or doing cool stuff with friends instead. But in winter, I don’t feel guilty about it at all!

6. Collecting conkers. They remind me of when me and my sister where younger and would collect as much conkers as possible. And then create our own conker ‘fries’ shop. In shoe boxes we would separate the big once from the small ones. Make our own price list, using a pot ladle to serve the conker (fries) to the costumers in self-made bags in different sizes. We could play with that for hours.
Xx Rianne


L.O.V. highlighters


I’m a little highlighter obsessed thanks to my sister. I love to buy those shiny products. And sometimes I just must buy a new highlighter. And - as far as I know- we have new brand in our drugstores: L.O.V. 
My eye fell on the makeup stand when I entered Etos and I was of course very curious. And since I was about to treat myself that day I did not buy one but two highlighters. Look at these beauties!
The packages are lovely. The black one, the no. 100 ‘glazed rose’ has this thing that if you hold the package in the light, the white lines and letters colour in prismatic colours. Hence the name on top of it. I just realise this while looking at the package and thinking how I would describe the colour on the package... it’s called LOVlights prismatic luminizer. I didn’t come up with the word prismatic myself. My English vocabulary is big, but not as big to name colours prismatic…  The other one is The GLOWrious highlighting & bronzing palette no. 010 Rose addiction. And is just an eye catcher with its shiny rose colour.
Aren’t they shiny? Well I love them. And look at those swatches. I love how bright and glittery the middle one is from Glowrious and the prismatic one. love the metallic in these two. The highlighter on the left in the Glowrious is the least favourite highlighter since it’s less shiny and less visible. But it’s perfect for when I don’t want to make the highlighter the eyecatcher and just want to brighten up my face a little bit.
Glowrious also has a bronzer. Which comes in very handy now I’m tanning, and my foundation gets a little too light for my face, but I can’t switch to my darker shade of foundation yet. That’s why I bought it. I had only planned on buying one highlighter. But then I convinced myself that it would be handy. And I guess I’ve made a good decision to listen to that little voice in my head this time.
I’ve been wearing the middle highlighter the most of this palette and I change it up with the prismatic highlighter. These two are my favourite this summer.

Xx Rianne


My Little Garden


When I was younger me and my sisters had a ‘little garden’ behind our garden shed. We used to have Beets, Potatoes and beans. It was my mom and dad who were looking after it. But it was fun to own it. Later we planted it full of tulips, but they slowly died, and my mom and dad started to plant different flowers and plants that would stay for years. 
Recently I thought about ‘our’ garden and asked my parents if I could plant some beans and beets, melons and courgette. My parents are real garden fanatics, so they said yes immediately. But there wasn’t much room for my plants left in our garden. So, for my birthday they gave me a sort of self-made garden. Soil in a bin and I planted the seeds. - With my dad helping me with how far the distance was supposed to be -. 
And after that, I forgot to look after my little plants. (I have bad mood swings that take some weeks to go over. ‘dark days’ is what I call them) But my dad, being the super dad, looked after them. Watered them every day and with some plastic he created a little greenhouse, so the seeds would be nice and warm. And soon after that, little plants sprouted from the ground. Beans were the first to come up. Then the beets and after that not much happened. No courgette or melons. But then we got some few warm days and hups! there grew the courgette and eventually the melons decided to show their little green leaves. So excited!
And still I only looked at the plants and my mom and dad took care of them. My sisters’ boyfriend took the melons to a greenhouse he owns on an island nearby. So, I only have this to show of my melons. I don’t know how they’re doing.

But look at my beans! I already ate a few and there are still beans coming from the plants. The beets are growing but I don’t know if they really are going to be eatable. My courgettes are having the hardest time ever. 

My dad -again- planted them in the garden because they outgrew my bin. And then one got almost fully eaten by slugs. The other one is doing better. 

Then my parents went on summer holiday and I had to take care of the plants myself. And suddenly I was watering my little plants every evening because it was so so dry. No rain for weeks is really bad for a garden full of plants. So I placed a beach umbrella over my courgettes in hopes they won’t die of the heatwave. I’m only watering it in the evening so not much water will be wasted by the heat of the sun. One courgette has lots of flowers but no courgette growing yet. And the other one that was almost eaten by slugs is making it’s come back. So I wait for flowers to grow on there. I check my plants every day. It’s actually a lot of fun.
My beans and beets are in the shadow of the grape plants growing over the pergola. So they are growing better and I had my first meal with beans. I’m waiting for my courgette plants to show some sort of courgette and my beets. I must wait if they really going to grow some beets or just leaves and nothing eatable. But we’ll see.

Xx Rianne

This blogpost is powered by my mom and dad who kept looking after my plants. #adformyparents

Life Update

Life Update: Why the Silence


You might have been wondering what happened to me. Suddenly, I got very very quiet.

I didn’t mean to be, but here is a very short story of what happened to me:

It’s school.
It’s always school.

To give you more of an insight of what happened at school: I wanted to graduate on June 25th. I worked my ass off since December 2017. I got my research plan ready for my thesis. But constantly had trouble. Just as I had my plan finished a new research was published that was EXACTLY or almost exactly like mine. Someone else was just faster in writing and publishing than I was. So I had to reconstruct my plan. Things like that happened to me 5 times. (which costed me two months!) in February I could finally start my project.

I started my research and worked and worked but deadlines were coming closer and I was only getting further and further lost in my research work. Contacting people didn’t go well. People I had planned on talking to didn’t want to talk to me. So I had to change my plans every time. And in May someone very important shut me down and that was it for me. I was so done. I couldn’t keep up working like this. I had lost a lot of weight, I was very tired but couldn’t sleep, had pain in my stomach/ headaches and neck pain. I was crumbling under the pressure. And then I failed to get my deadline on June 25th.
I kept working on school but already stopped blogging in April. So I had more time to focus on school and work on a slower pace instead of doing everything and getting nowhere. But now I’ll try the November deadline. And that seems like it’s going to happen! So that’s very nice! But that’s why I was quiet.

From now on I’ll hope I’ll keep up with blogging again. The most school work is done. And I finally have summer holiday. So I see you next monday!

Xx Rianne

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Hi there!


This is to let you know that I'm still alive. I'm working on new blogposts. Got plans and I will be active soon. Keep an eye on here.

~ update 27-7-18:
That's when I finally am ready to give you an explanation of what happened. From that moment on I will try and pick up weekly blogposts again.

All the love!


6 Study Tips from Me to You


As I’m working on my graduation thesis I’ve figured out some things that really help me with my study. And I want to share it with you in hopes I can help you with your study!

Photo from Wonderlass
1. Clean your desk so you can’t procrastinate. Since I’m a queen in procrastination I make sure everything is clean before I start my study day. I even plan it in my planner!

2. Make a planner. Since I no longer have to go to school I have to make my own schedule. At first, I slept late and said I would do school work tomorrow. And tomorrow never comes... So on Sunday I sit down with my planner and write down which days are workdays, homework days and relax days. And I have to be very strict to my day to day planner. I even plan the  breaktimes and lunchtimes. I have to be strict. Because if I’m not. I won’t do much...

3. Don’t just start writing that essay or research project. Make sure you read enough information first. That way you can decide what information is important and start writing after you have read enough information. That way your essay will be more organised. Because you know lots of information and know to put it in the right order for your essay.

4. Save the URL! I have special topics in my google bar where I save the URL’s that I think I might need for my research project. This way I don’t have to search again to that one page that I need. Because I also read maybe 10 other websites I'll never remember which site had the right information. By marking them down and putting them in a special map in my google bar it's easy to find the right website.

5. Write down your APA immediately when you’ve used information from that book or website. You can never loose it when it’s in your doc. Because you won’t remember that one specific website that you found three weeks ago. Or it’s going to cost you a lot of time and stress.

6. When I take a small break, I step away from my laptop. My small breaks aren’t on my laptop because I don’t feel like they’re real breaks. I’m still sitting in my working space. And so, my working space and relax space is the same. Which doesn’t give me a relaxed feeling. When the day is over, I pick up my laptop and go to my relax chair or bed to blog or watch YouTube or watch movies.

Bonus tip: never, I repeat, NEVER start a new serie on Netflix. I started Reign and it totally ruined my schedule due to bingewatch nights...

There are more tips on how I reduce some stress in this blogpost and I also wrote about how to survive your internship. It’s all stuff I dealt with and from my experience I’m trying to help you. And if you have more tips, please let me know. My graduation thesis deadline is within 8 weeks and I'm stressing out. So every homework tip is welcome!

Xx Rianne


Oolaboo wipe off nectar


When I got my milia removed the lady at the beauty salon told me I had a dehydrated skin. I thought I had an oily skin since I’ve had some serious break outs when I was a teenager and my skin shines from the amount of oil around 11 am in the morning. (And I do clean my face before putting makeup on) But no, this lady told me my skin was dehydrated and I guess I must believe her. She is a specialist after all. I’ve been misreading my skins’ need.
And the lady recommended me Oolaboo wipe off nectar.  It’s a 3 in 1 daily cleansing nectar. It says it’s a combination of a cleanser, make-up remover and tonic in one. And I love this. It’s a soft white cream and I use 1,5 pump to clean my face. The smell is soft, a little bit rose like but very very soft. 

I’ve been using it now for a few months and I can see a lot of improvement on my skin. It’s still oily but the break outs are mostly controlled. Even when my period is about to come. I always had a break out around that time of the month and lots of pimples/blackheads around my chin area. Of course, I do get a pimple here and there. But it’s way less than I was used to.

Oolaboo is also easy to use. I'm a bit of a lazy person. When I have to clean my face first, than add something and than wash my face... I'm out. Too much work. But that's not needed for this cleanser/tonic/make-up remover. All I have to do is make my face wet with luke warm water and then I massage 1,5 pump of cream on my face and wash it off. 

I recently used Oolaboo more in mornings than in the evening. Because in the evening I remove my eye make-up with Garnier micellair cleansingwater. And lazt me just started to use that for removing all the make-up on my face.
So mornings are done with Oolaboo and evenings with Garnier. Also, Oolaboo is a bit more expensive than what I would normally use as a cleanser. So mixing the routine up has shown no problems to my skin and especially no problems to my bank account.

What also helped is that I started to use a different day cream (it will be reviewed here soon because I'm literally in LOVE with it).
And I’m still looking for improvement on my skincare routine to help my skin get better.
What's your favourite product in your skincare routine?

Xx Rianne

Life Update

My Birthday Bucketlist


Today is my birthday. I’m 22!! And I feel like this year is going to be MY year. After all I’ve been through last year I feel like I can be who I am and do what I love. And so I made a little list of things I really really want to do this year. Because I feel like it’s now or never!
1. Graduate.
I want this so so bad. I’m already delayed and am a 5th year student. It’s going to cost me a lot of money if I become a sixth year student... I’m just so done with school. I loved my study, I loved everything I learned. But I really need that piece of paper to prove that I finished my study and start with something new.

2. Go to Los Angeles following an EF course.
This is something I’ve googled many many times and quickly closed the tabs after seeing the prices of the courses. I wanted to go to London first. But when I stayed there for 10 days with my friend in 2015 I think that I’m ready to go and see something else of the world than always going back to London. (You can read that  London diary here)
 But last year, when I was in the USA I was so impressed by everything I saw that I really wanted to visit LA. Not just for a few days, but going to school and live in the city for a few weeks. And that’s what EF offers. Even though I’m as scared as a mouse to go alone, I feel like if I don’t do it now I will never get the chance again to travel somewhere for a few weeks. But we’ll see if I ever get brave enough. For now it’s a wish!

3. Do a srprs me
I don’t know if you know about this, but this is an organisation that you go to, you give them your money and tell them if you want a sunny holiday or a city trip and they go plan it for you. Only last minute, just before checking in, you get to know where you’re going. And it seems like an amazing thing to do and lately Sas mentioned it. And I got really excited! So hopefully we’ll do a weekend away with srprs me!

Photo by Emanuela Picone on Unsplash
4. Read more books
Since I’m working on my graduation thesis I’ve been reading a lot of books. But not the books I really want to read. On my shelf are lots of unread books but I just don’t have time to read. Or when I finally finished a chapter of my thesis I’m done reading pages and pages of information. So to relax I don’t pick up books right now. When I’m done with my thesis I will read all the unread books on my shelfs and can finally buy more books!

Do something with photography.
I’ve got a camera. I've got stuff. But I don't know how it works properly. And when I’m graduated, I’ve got extra time. So why not do a course somewhere. I’ve heard a co-worker talking about it and that it’s not even that expensive. And I would love to learn more about my dslr. I do read lots and lots of tips on internet, but that camera still holds so many secrets that I want to learn! And my granddad gave me his old tripod for my birthday yesterday. So now I want this more than ever!

These are my whishes for this year and I'm excited to see if I can fulfill all of them..

Cheers on 22 years!


5 easy steps to clean your hairbrush


Do you clean your hair brush once in a while? No? It’s time to do it right now and it’s super easy!
For a long time, I only cleaned my brush by picking the hairs out every day. And sometimes I would take the brush with me under the shower and used shampoo and a toothbrush to clean my hairbrush. But it’s a lot of work. And I never wanted to clean that way. It took ages! And then I came up with the simplest idea ever. And since then I’ve been trying to clean my brush more often.

It’s super easy.

Step 1: take your brush and get rid of the hairs that are still stuck in it.
Step 2: fill the sink with water and add a bit of shampoo
Step 3: put the brush in the water
Step 4: walk away and leave the brush in the water. It depends on how dirty your brush is how long you leave it in the water. But 10 to 15 minutes always works for me.
Step 5: get the brush out of the water and check if your brush is clean and let it dry on a towel. If the brush is not clean, which often happens to me, I use a toothbrush to clean in between the little tooth of my hairbrush to get it clean. Rinse it off and then let it dry.

Et voila!

You’ve got a clean brush! Simple and I think very effective. Especially if you’re dealing with greasy hair like I do. I think keeping the brush clean will also help to keep my hair cleaner. And it’s just nicer to pick up my brush and not having all the ‘dust’ between those teeth.

Xx Rianne

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Paperless Post Invitations


Next month is my birthday month. Since I’m a little girl I’ve always been looking forward to my birthday, to see my family again, eating cake and candy unlimited and of course… presents!! I LOVE it!
And recently I was thinking, I might even celebrate my birthday with friends this year. I never celebrated my birthday for friends but since we all live in different places in The Netherlands now, we barely see each other. Some people I haven’t even seen in 6 months because we all live our own lives now. Some are still studying Journalism but moved out of Ede (including me), others are doing their masters at a different university, others are already adulting and hunting for jobs.

And while thinking about sending out an invitation, Paperless Post* found me. Paperless Post is a website where you can customize invitations and sent them via email. Sending out a card can be as expensive as you want it to be. It starts with 2 coins, which is like paying for stamps when you sent a real card instead of digital, and the more you choose to change or redesign the more coins it will cost to send the card to the recipient.
Paperless Post has hundreds and hundreds of cards you can choose from and customize. Think about Tea Parties, weddings, birthday, new born cards, just whatever you can think off they have it. And you can change backgrounds, fonts, envelopes. Just everything. So it looks more personal than just a written email invitation. Paperless Post also have card ranges that are designed by Vera Wang, Oscar de la Renta, Kate Spade, Meri Meri and Rifle Paper co. and many more. 

You can check out the designer range specifically or do what I did: searching for birthday cards and save the cards you like the most. And when it’s a card from a special designer it is written underneath. And so it turned out my family invitation card is from Happy Menocal (which is 8 coins per recipient). Look at how cute the card turned out!!
Now the invitation to my friends. I want to have a Tea Party since I’m a big tea lover and also in love with sweets and food. So it’s the best combination. And Paperless Post had a lot of designs but in the end I went for a normal design that is also 8 coins per recipient.

Isn’t this great? How lovely do the cards look? I totally love it. I’ve also seen that it is possible to sent out thank you cards. So when I’ve had my Tea Party I know for sure that I’ll sit down and design a thank you card. (even when they read about this on my blog.)

What I also love about this website is that, as the name says, this is Paperless. Good for the environment and also much more personal than just a boring email with the information written down. My friends all responded very excited to the invitation and loved the way it looked. So did my family!
Xx Rianne

This blogpost is in coorporation with Paperless Post 


Easter Cupcakes


(Chocolate) eggs, Easter bunny and matzos. That sounds like it’s almost Easter! And I felt very adventures I baked Easter cupcakes!

Since I’m not the best cook I bought a vanilla cupcake mix from Dr. Oetker to which I only had to add 2 eggs, 50 ml of water and 125 gr butter. Thanks Dr. Oetker, you make me look like a MasterChef! ;)

For the buttercream I used:
250 gram butter
250 gram powdered sugar
a teaspoon of vanilla extract.

I coloured the buttercream with food colouring.

And look at the results! I’m so happy with how they turned out!

Xx Rianne

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A Post For My Grandparents


I’m a lucky girl to have both my grandparents still around! My sisters and other nieces felt the same and we decided to give our grandparents presents that they will not forget any time soon. We decided to give them time with their granddaughters.

My grandma had her birthday back in April (last year). And we know how much we all love food. I mean, go to grandma and grandpa and there is always something baked or bought that is so delicious that we eat ourselves sick. And when we leave their houses we don’t walk but roll out of the houseJ 
So for my grandma’s birthday we gave her a high tea at her favourite bonbon shop. It's her go to chocolate store. So we picked a date and all came to Delft to spend the whole afternoon with grandma. Her face was shining throughout that whole afternoon. And we had so much fun. 
To see how much my grandma loved spending time with us made us feel so happy that we decided to give grandpa a sort of the same present. His birthday was in August. And because we all have been really busy we finally found a date we all could be together last week. And as a present for grandpa we decided to go to their house and eat raclette. They didn't have to do anything. We bought and prepared everything and did the dishes afterwards so nothing had to be done by them.
My grandparents are also moving out of their house after living there for over 40 years. So it’s also a sort of goodbye to the house where we all have fantastic memories of sleepovers and dressed up in old flower dresses and working with our grandparents in their garden. Grandpa is 81 and grandma is 78 and we loved to spent time with them. The whole dinner we’ve been laughing together and updating our grandparents on our lives. The glow on their faces is something that I’ll never forget!
I really hope we can do this more often. Because as little kids we used to have sleepovers at our grandparents, they took us to their summer house, they took us swimming, they took us on little holidays in the woods, they watched our sports games, they’ve always been there for us. And now they’re getting older and we can take time to spent with them and talk about those lovely memories they gave us! When we were talking about all this after we said our graces after dinner and we got a little emotional because of this wonderful night.

So I thought, since we do this, I should share this with the world to help others with an original present for their grandparents’ birthdays. The look on their faces is worth everything. And I really enjoyed the time we had together as a family.

Xx Rianne

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