Monday, 15 January 2018

Book Recommendation: Unfiltered by Lily Collins

“The quirky things that make you different are what make you beautiful”

Yes everyone! This book is unfiltered. Lily Collins, a beautiful actress I admire, wrote this book. And I feel like I should share with you how amazing this book is.

Lily isn’t only an actress and model, she is also a writer! This book is about her telling us how she feels, what her struggles are and her pain in her life. She writes about her struggles with food (anorexia) and is not holding back. That’s what I loved the most about this book. It’s like she is in the room with you. You’re reading her story but it’s like she is talking to you from the couch in your living room with a cup of tea in her hand.

I bought this book because I was curious to how her life was. I wanted to know about her life as an actress. To see the real her instead of seeing her portraying characters on the big white screen. But I thought it would be more global. Not as deep as how she goes into telling her story to us.

So this book… It’s raw and honest. She tells about her struggles. How she conquered it and how she lives her live. She gives us her best advice. She gives us letters to read for ourselves and for our loved ones. She tells us how she dealt with bad relationships, how she doesn’t understand things and how she collects weird stuff like tickets to shows, fortune cookies, or whatever she is collecting. It’s like she's telling you: "it’s okay, maybe you think you are alone with your struggles, your weird collections, your pain or a father missing in your life, I’ve been there too. Not only me, but a lot of others too. And here I am writing this too you so you won’t feel alone or weird or sad. Together we are going to fix these problems".

I don’t think you need to ‘know’ Lily Collins to feel related to what she has written. I loved this book and will certainly pick it up more often from my bookshelf if I need some courage to do something or need some cheering up. This book helped me, and I hope and know it will help a lot of other girls and boys around the world too. So I thought, you need to know about this book too. Because I’ve been thinking about it a lot since I’ve read it.

Xx Rianne
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