Friday, 12 January 2018

Movie Review: The Greatest Showman

“It’s everything you ever want. It’s everything you ever need”

There is no better way to start off your movie theatre year than with this movie. When the movie starts, it grips you from the first second. The music is so upbeating it’s literally grabbing you and pulling you into the movie. There is no escape possible. The song will be stuck in your head because: THIS IS THE GREATEST SHOW!

This movie is based on the story of P.T. Barnum. This man promised his wife a wonderful life. But he gets fired because the company has gone bankrupt. He feels like this isn’t what he promised his wife and his two beautiful daughters. So he buys a museum and makes it a theatre. And Barnum searches for extraordinary wonderful people. He finds them and creates a show. And the folks LOVE his shows. But the upper class people hate it. And all Barnum wants is being recognised by the rich people. He makes a great show. But it’s never enough. So he climbs higher and higher and in the end there is a downfall. But he met the most wonderful people for his show and they help him getting up after he fell...

The story is amazing! And the songs are fairy tales on their own and are perfect in the movie. They’re so great. The moment I got home after I saw the movie I downloaded the music on Spotify and I’m listening to it, on repeat, of course. I’m so excited about this!!
I love musical movies and this one is amazing. Hugh Jackman singing and the beautiful Zendaya, Michelle Williams, Keala Settle! And what made me childishly happy was that Zac Efron was singing again. I mean, it’s been while since High School Musical. So I couldn’t be happier that he’s in this movie.

This movie is doing the magic right for me, not only with the music and songs, but the costumes and choreography is so perfectly done. It’s a joy for the eyes to see how much work has put in this movie to make it what it is.

And I might have seen this movie twice already! I just love it so much.

Xx Rianne
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