Monday, 22 January 2018

What's in My Bag?

I was eating in a snackbar with friends. And then this friend of mine (a guy) accidentally kicks my bag and it topples over. And EVERYTHING fell out. Not only lipgloss, deodorant, candy wrappers but also TWO tampons… of course we laughed when it happened. But it also occurred to me that my bag is always messy. So after this happened I thought, I might need to clean out this bag and make sure tampons can’t just roll out of it anymore.

I held my bag upside down and all this fell out. And I had seen ‘what’s in my bag’ posts on many blogs and Youtube channels before and I thought, this is the right time to do it. So here is my bag and everything in it.

So clockwise from the candy wrappers and bills upper left:

~ Candy wrappers and bills : I took out most of them and threw them away…
~ Vue movie tickets (pitch perfect and the greatest showman)
~ Pink powerbank
~ Babylips lip balm
~ Blue mirror with hearts and pink hair band
~ Gloves
~ Wallet
~ Spectacle case
~ Umbrella
~ Socks ?!
~ Pens
~ Painkillers
~ Earbuds
~ Flormar lipgloss
~ Dove deodorant
~ Tampons (they always roll out of my bag at unwanted moments)
~ Tissues
~ School cookie (Left over from work)
~ LipAddict lipgloss
~ Mandarin (also left over from work)

That’s all what’s in my bag.

Xx Rianne

PS: sorry for the blurry picture. I'm trying out a new blogger template and it turns out this picture is really bad for this template. I'm still figuring things out, sorry....
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