Monday, 12 February 2018

An Unexpected Journey in Salzburg

I had kind of a situation going on. I had made a booking mistake. I visited my friend for 8 days, would leave Wagrein on day 8 to go to Salzburg. Spent the night there in a hotel room and catch my flight on day 9. But it turned out my flight was on day 10. Oops…

So I had a whole day and night extra. So instead of choosing a hotel, I went for a hostel. I googled for a little while and found this cheaper hostel with a shared room.

I thought I would never survive those two days in Salzburg. I was thinking about a scary situation of me being in sleeping room, alone, with a pervert or more perverts or something like that.So when I checked in I was trembling and wishing, hoping and telling myself that everything would be fine. But I couldn’t fool myself. I was so NERVOUS. I went to my room and… No one was there. I was alone. So I choose the best bed – of course- and started to unpack.

Then I heard the door open and a guy (E.) walked in. We unpacked our bags and started to talk for a little while. Then we went to MacDonald’s, went back and still nobody else had arrived yet. Perfect, I thought, I know E. a little and he’s very kind and as long as there are no others coming in this room I think I’ll survive. Around 10 pm another Dude came in huffing and puffing as if he had the most terrible life ever. He kept huffing and puffing until he fell asleep. He did not really talk at all. And I thought that I could actually deal with this and fell asleep.

The next day when I was ready to go explore Salzburg I thought it would be nice to ask if E. had any plans yet. E. hadn’t, so we went out together and we’ve been exploring Salzburg the whole day like we’ve been friends for ever. It’s really funny to see how two strangers can become friends. We tried to find the old part of the city and walked in the snow for a while. We also visited the castle, which was beautiful! The only sad thing was, because of the snow and fog, we didn’t have the promising view everyone talked about. But still, take a look at this picture. It’s something of a view right?

When we got home 3 others had arrived and the room was full. We didn’t really talk to each other because of the language barrier. And then it was time to sleep again. Full confidence I laid in my bed,set my alarm on three different times because I was scared that if I slept through one alarm I would miss my flight. Well, it turned out I didn’t needed those alarms.

The whole night two people had been snoring. Louder than I’ve ever heard. One person is bad enough already. But this was two persons. At the SAME time. It was like a competition. One snore was louder than the other. So I woke up around midnight and didn’t sleep the whole night. And when the snoring finally wasn't that loud anymore I fell asleep. But then Dude woke up and turned on the light in our room at 6am to grab his bags. So I was wide awake by then. I was so annoyed that I got up as well and left earlier than planned and left to go on the airport.

Little demons in the Dom of Salzburg
But I never thought I could do this. Walking around in a strange city alone, with a stranger by my side. But I did it. I thought I would be awkward. Because that's who I've been for the past few years. But I learned so much… I dealt with things I thought I couldn’t deal with. Thanks to therapy in the past few months and especially thanks to my mom for always believing in me and my always supportive sisters. They called me the moment I realised my booking mistake. They talked me through all the demons I was seeing for these two nights in Salzburg.

And now I feel so strong. I always thought I was this awkward and weird person. I believed the things that people told me years ago. But this adventurous holiday has been proven me that I can survive and that I’m stronger than I could ever think I was!

That’s the best feeling in the world!

Xx Rianne
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