Wednesday, 28 February 2018

Garnier Hydra Bomb Tissue Mask

Winter is here. Finally it’s freezing and there is a chance we get to skate on natural ice! I already searched for my ice skates and am hoping that tomorrow we can skate on real ice. Last time was 2013 if I’m right. But this also means that this weather is extreme. And it’s extreme COLD and the air is dry and my skin even dryer. It’s flaky and itchy.
It has come to a point where it’s so dry in the morning that I can apply a moisturizing day cream twice and my skin still feels dry. So I’ve been trying to find a product that can help my day cream with moisturizing my skin. And a little while ago I found the Hydra Bomb tissue masks from Garnier. I bought a few of them and used them all because I loved the result. But I didn’t buy new once, until I was in a discount store and saw them again last Friday. I immediately used one and Monday I used another one again. And my skin is feeling a lot better!

I really like the idea of the tissue facemasks. I love facemasks in general but pasty facemasks always create big messes. Or I create big messes, I can’t handle it neatly. It’s always in my hair, on my hands and on the doors when I’m on my way to and from the bathroom and my own room.

And this mask is just so easy. I get it out of the package, put it on my face and there is only a bit of stuff on my hands which I always swipe off on a normal tissue. Quick and easy and not messy. The blue one has a soft smell. I’m really bad at describing it. It’s just not too much that it makes you sick. (I once had a chocolate flavoured facemask and I had to remove it earlier than the 15 minutes because I started to get sick because of the overwhelming scent it had).

The pink one is the one I tried out on Monday and was a first try. I had only seen the blue mask in the shops. And just like the blue ones, I like it. It’s smells a bit different but not bad at all.
After the facemask my face doesn’t feel that dry anymore. The next day, sadly my skin is feeling dry again. But not as dry as when I didn’t use them. So there is an improvement I guess. I do enjoy these facemasks and they’re not even that pricy. It’s just €3,00 for one facemask. And when I bought them at the discount store they were half price. For you Dutchies, I found them in the PrijsMepper discount store.

For this weather, I think this mask is a quick and easy sollution! I'm possitve about them!
What’s a facemask that you use against a combination/sensitive skin?

 Xx Rianne
2 comments on "Garnier Hydra Bomb Tissue Mask"
  1. They look interesting!!

    1. You should give them a try! They helped my skin a lot with this freezing cold weather.