Saturday, 3 February 2018

Movie Review: Maze Runner Death Cure

Finally! It is here: The Maze Runner Death Cure. I’ve been waiting a few years for this movie to come back on the big white screen!

This movie is perfect. It was totally worth the wait. And I’m happy to see that Dylan O’Brien totally recovered from the accident that happened on set when they started filming this movie. That's the reason why this movie didn't came out the year after Scorch Trials.

The story.
I think the story is better than Scorch Trials. Scorch Trials had more of a scare factor and Death Cure is telling and showing more about what is going on. Also character development is better in Death Cure than in Scorch Trials.

The Gladers survived the Scorch Trials and Minho was taken by WICKED. That’s how Scorch Trials ended. And Death Cure starts with an awesome opening scene full of action where they are trying to save Minho. Thomas is going to get him back. No matter what. And Newt, Frypan, Brenda and Jorge are coming with him to save Minho from WICKED.
And then all sorts of things happen. Theresa is working on a cure. More scary Cranks are visiting the boys on their mission, more people are getting diseased by the Flare and Thomas gets some unexpected help. And that was an awesome moment! When the person revealed its face I was sitting in my chair, turned to my sisters and said: no way... NO Way!!

And two seconds later the Gladers say: NO WAY!?

We were thinking the same thing! What a surprise that was! A good surprise. But there were also surprises that you’re like... Noooo why? James Dashner what is wrong with you?! That’s just pure evil…

And really I liked the ending of this series. I liked it much more than the ending of The Hunger Games. Those movies were really good too! Don’t get me wrong. But the end of The Hungers Games was a bit weird to me. And this ending added more to what I was feeling. It wasn’t a perfect ending for our Gladers. But at least they were sort of save. I liked it this way!

Also a little fun fact: I talked about this movie for so long that my mom finally gave in and watched the Maze Runner. Last week Maze Runner Scorch Trials was on TV. So she watched and yesterday I got a text message from my mom and she said: Going to the cinema to see Maze Runner Death Cure.
And she loved it too! YAY!

 Xx Rianne

Ps. I had this one planned for two weeks ago. But today I noticed that I never published it. So I edited it a little bit and this time I hit the publish button. A bit late... it’s two weeks after its release. Sorry. But otherwise I could never tell you the story of my mom loving the Maze Runner Series too ;)

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