Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Story time: Valentine Fail

 I want to share a little embarrassing story about my one and only valentine fail when I was – I think - 10 years old! A trip down memory lane... Enjoy!

Photo by Maira Gallardo on Unsplash
It was Valentine’s Day! And when I was 10 years old it all started in school with the ‘boyfriends’ and ‘love’. So everyone in my class was very excited. We had some couples in our class and we knew some people had crushes on others. So we all wanted to know what presents were bought. 

I’ve always been a bit scared of boys when I was little. They were always so rough and yelling and I was a very shy girl, unless you knew me. And I just didn’t like boys. So I wasn’t crushing on anyone.

And on Valentine’s Day I went to my seat and saw a heart shaped lollypop on my table. I can remember that I was really scared when I found that present on my table… And my best friend came to her seat and saw it too and looked at me -with this sneaky smile I will never forget- and said out loud: “Who gave you a present?” I was too scared to say anything about it and of course we both wanted to know who gave it to me. I don’t know exactly what I was thinking, but I know for sure that I was panicking. Everybody was looking at me... Panic all over.

Then a guy came over and told us: “Oh I messed up your seats. It was meant for your friend and not for you, Ri.” I don’t remember the rest of what happened, I don’t even remember who the guy was... I couldn’t find the story in one of my old journals so sadly I can’t tell you more. But this is what I remembered and it kind of sucks. I think this is my very first memory of Valentine’s Day. A heart attack on Valentine’s Day…

I just wanted to tell you this story, because I think it’s kind of funny. While I wrote this down I’ve been smiling all the time! Such a funny memory of Little Me.

I hope you have a better memory of your first Valentine’s Day ever!

Xx Rianne
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