Monday, 19 March 2018

A Post For My Grandparents

I’m a lucky girl to have both my grandparents still around! My sisters and other nieces felt the same and we decided to give our grandparents presents that they will not forget any time soon. We decided to give them time with their granddaughters.

My grandma had her birthday back in April (last year). And we know how much we all love food. I mean, go to grandma and grandpa and there is always something baked or bought that is so delicious that we eat ourselves sick. And when we leave their houses we don’t walk but roll out of the houseJ 
So for my grandma’s birthday we gave her a high tea at her favourite bonbon shop. It's her go to chocolate store. So we picked a date and all came to Delft to spend the whole afternoon with grandma. Her face was shining throughout that whole afternoon. And we had so much fun. 
To see how much my grandma loved spending time with us made us feel so happy that we decided to give grandpa a sort of the same present. His birthday was in August. And because we all have been really busy we finally found a date we all could be together last week. And as a present for grandpa we decided to go to their house and eat raclette. They didn't have to do anything. We bought and prepared everything and did the dishes afterwards so nothing had to be done by them.
My grandparents are also moving out of their house after living there for over 40 years. So it’s also a sort of goodbye to the house where we all have fantastic memories of sleepovers and dressed up in old flower dresses and working with our grandparents in their garden. Grandpa is 81 and grandma is 78 and we loved to spent time with them. The whole dinner we’ve been laughing together and updating our grandparents on our lives. The glow on their faces is something that I’ll never forget!
I really hope we can do this more often. Because as little kids we used to have sleepovers at our grandparents, they took us to their summer house, they took us swimming, they took us on little holidays in the woods, they watched our sports games, they’ve always been there for us. And now they’re getting older and we can take time to spent with them and talk about those lovely memories they gave us! When we were talking about all this after we said our graces after dinner and we got a little emotional because of this wonderful night.

So I thought, since we do this, I should share this with the world to help others with an original present for their grandparents’ birthdays. The look on their faces is worth everything. And I really enjoyed the time we had together as a family.

Xx Rianne
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