Monday, 12 March 2018

Removing Milia

After a weird summer/autumn of getting better, I've finally picked up normal life again. Because I'm feeling better and more happier in general I also started to use my make up again and I started to take care of myself as how I used to do it before I felt tired and sick. And when I finally started to do my my make up I noticed my milia around my eyes more than ever. It had been there for a really long time but just then it started to annoy me so much that I had to take care of it.

So when I felt brave enough I walked into a beauty salon and made my appointment for removing these little white bumps. I knew that it would hurt. I had them removed before but that was like 5 years ago. So I was scared but I didn’t know that I had to be this scared...

But first a little explanation of "what is milia?" is from : (And I copied their explanation) so go to their website for a complete explanation.

"Milia are white, hard, raised bumps on the skin.

They're small, only about 1 to 2 millimetres in diameter. Milia aren't painful, and they don't itch. They're most common around the eyes and on the cheeks, nose, and forehead, but they can pop up anywhere.

While annoying, milia are harmless.
Milia are super common. If you have skin (and we all do) you're going to get a milium every now and again.

If you have acne and blackheads, you probably have milia as well. But milia can develop even if you don't have common acne, and your skin is otherwise relatively clear. It's completely normal.
Milia happen when the skin doesn't exfoliate, or shed dead cells, properly. That white bump is the actual plug of skin cells and oil, hanging about so close to the skin's surface that it's very visible.

Milia can occur at any age, from newborn to 110 years old. Some people are just more prone to developing them than others. Most milia just appear, for no apparent reason.

Milia can also be triggered by injury to the skin, like burns and sunburns, blistering rashes, and the like. Some medications can also cause milia, but that's very rare. Excessive sun exposure and sun damage also seem to make the skin more prone to developing milia. This is another good reason to wear your sunscreen every day!"

Now you know what it is, I’ll tell you how they are removed from the skin and it includes a needle(!)
but now I’m frightening you. ;) The needle isn’t the worst part. The needle is used to ‘open’ the skin, Since Milia is ‘under’ your skin. So when the skin, that is blocking the milia, is opened the milia gets pushed out. Sort of like a blackhead. But as you can imagine, that hurts like hell when you push and pinch your skin around your eyes. And I had milia on my cheeks and also on my eyelids! and under my lashes! Which were very painful to remove...
In the first picture, which is really bad because of a shadow of my phone, you can see the milia on my cheek. And as you can see in the middle picture, my skin looks really bad and red and bruised, just moments after the removal. The first day my cheekbones were swollen and I’ve had a very sensitive skin for three days. I couldn’t rub my eyes because the skin was so sore and painful.

After four days the little scabs were gone where the milia was removed and my skin looked normal again. So in the end I’m happy with the results but the pain was so bad that I almost cried in that chair. I was clenching my jaws so hard that my jaws even started to hurt. I had tears rolling out of my eyes like a waterfal… I’m not sure if it’s supposed to hurt THAT much. But I’m very happy with the results.
I hated to look at my eyes with that milia everywhere. When I did my make up the milia would even be visible through the foundation. And now it’s not anymore.
Should've closed my eye here. It's about the milia just above my eyelash. 
But now I still want to have removed the last little bits of milia because the lady of the beauty salon couldn’t get them all out. But after the pain I went through I think I’m going to wait a little while longer than I had planned I'm not ready for so much pain again any time soon… She did gave me a miracle 3 in 1 nectar that is supposed to help my skin and unclog everything!

Have you also had so much pain when you got you’re milia removed?

Xx Rianne
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  1. Amazing!!

    1. Yes! I'm so happy with the results. It was worth the pain!