Monday, 5 March 2018

Winter Fun

When the weather man said that there was cold weather upcoming and my dad said that it was serious (my dad is our personal weather man) I immediately went looking for my ice skates last week. The forecast was looking good!

But then the wind. The wind made it almost impossible for the canals to freeze up. Only parts froze, but the wind kept the water moving so it couldn’t freeze up completely. And then, finally, we had a night in which the wind wouldn’t blow that hard and it would freeze -8 or something. And BAM! The canals froze and on Thursday I got my skates and went to find some frozen water. As you can see below, it went well…

My knees were wet because I fell a few more times in the snow and then my jeans froze. I thought it was bit too cold and went back home to warm up and unfreeze my jeans. In the afternoon I thought the time was ripe to go to the canal where my sister had ice skated on Wednesday. And that was the real real ice. Skating on canals is something I had done when I was around 17 years old guess. (I'm 21 now!)

Me and my mom went ice skating on the canals and that’s the best thing ever. In the morning I was ice skating on a meadow they flooded with water. And skating on the canals is just so much better. The sound of the ice cracking underneath and the hollow sounds of ice skates on the ice is the best sound ever. Literally, this is the best winter since for ever.

In the evening I went with my sisters back to the meadow again because they had big lights up there so we could skate in the night with a full moon. But because of the storm it was almost impossible to skate normally. Or the wind would blow so hard that you almost stood still on the ice, or the wind was blowing in your back and it was impossible to stop and you just had to go with the flow. But I had a LOT OF FUN! 
I love this kind of weather. Not just a bit cold and a bit windy and a weak winter… No, it was snow, freezing and ice skating. That is what winter is supposed to be!

On Friday I went back to the canals and did some more ice skating knowing that I had to work Saturday and then the cold would be over. But on Sunday, I took the big risk and went with two friends skating on the melting ice. I had to go to the mill. I skated for only 30 minutes, look at all the water on the ice in the picture below. We decided that it was too dangerous to skate any longer on the melting ice. So we went home with some lovely photo’s together!
How did you spent these winter days? Let me know in the comments!

Xx Rianne
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