Monday, 23 April 2018

6 Study Tips from Me to You

As I’m working on my graduation thesis I’ve figured out some things that really help me with my study. And I want to share it with you in hopes I can help you with your study!
Photo from Wonderlass
1. Clean your desk so you can’t procrastinate. Since I’m a queen in procrastination I make sure everything is clean before I start my study day. I even plan it in my planner!

2. Make a planner. Since I no longer have to go to school I have to make my own schedule. At first, I slept late and said I would do school work tomorrow. And tomorrow never comes... So on Sunday I sit down with my planner and write down which days are workdays, homework days and relax days. And I have to be very strict to my day to day planner. I even plan the  breaktimes and lunchtimes. I have to be strict. Because if I’m not. I won’t do much...

3. Don’t just start writing that essay or research project. Make sure you read enough information first. That way you can decide what information is important and start writing after you have read enough information. That way your essay will be more organised. Because you know lots of information and know to put it in the right order for your essay.

4. Save the URL! I have special topics in my google bar where I save the URL’s that I think I might need for my research project. This way I don’t have to search again to that one page that I need. Because I also read maybe 10 other websites I'll never remember which site had the right information. By marking them down and putting them in a special map in my google bar it's easy to find the right website.

5. Write down your APA immediately when you’ve used information from that book or website. You can never loose it when it’s in your doc. Because you won’t remember that one specific website that you found three weeks ago. Or it’s going to cost you a lot of time and stress.

6. When I take a small break, I step away from my laptop. My small breaks aren’t on my laptop because I don’t feel like they’re real breaks. I’m still sitting in my working space. And so, my working space and relax space is the same. Which doesn’t give me a relaxed feeling. When the day is over, I pick up my laptop and go to my relax chair or bed to blog or watch YouTube or watch movies.

Bonus tip: never, I repeat, NEVER start a new serie on Netflix. I started Reign and it totally ruined my schedule due to bingewatch nights...

There are more tips on how I reduce some stress in this blogpost and I also wrote about how to survive your internship. It’s all stuff I dealt with and from my experience I’m trying to help you. And if you have more tips, please let me know. My graduation thesis deadline is within 8 weeks and I'm stressing out. So every homework tip is welcome!

Xx Rianne
Monday, 16 April 2018

Oolaboo wipe off nectar

When I got my milia removed the lady at the beauty salon told me I had a dehydrated skin. I thought I had an oily skin since I’ve had some serious break outs when I was a teenager and my skin shines from the amount of oil around 11 am in the morning. (And I do clean my face before putting makeup on) But no, this lady told me my skin was dehydrated and I guess I must believe her. She is a specialist after all. I’ve been misreading my skins’ need.
And the lady recommended me Oolaboo wipe off nectar.  It’s a 3 in 1 daily cleansing nectar. It says it’s a combination of a cleanser, make-up remover and tonic in one. And I love this. It’s a soft white cream and I use 1,5 pump to clean my face. The smell is soft, a little bit rose like but very very soft. 

I’ve been using it now for a few months and I can see a lot of improvement on my skin. It’s still oily but the break outs are mostly controlled. Even when my period is about to come. I always had a break out around that time of the month and lots of pimples/blackheads around my chin area. Of course, I do get a pimple here and there. But it’s way less than I was used to.

Oolaboo is also easy to use. I'm a bit of a lazy person. When I have to clean my face first, than add something and than wash my face... I'm out. Too much work. But that's not needed for this cleanser/tonic/make-up remover. All I have to do is make my face wet with luke warm water and then I massage 1,5 pump of cream on my face and wash it off. 

I recently used Oolaboo more in mornings than in the evening. Because in the evening I remove my eye make-up with Garnier micellair cleansingwater. And lazt me just started to use that for removing all the make-up on my face.
So mornings are done with Oolaboo and evenings with Garnier. Also, Oolaboo is a bit more expensive than what I would normally use as a cleanser. So mixing the routine up has shown no problems to my skin and especially no problems to my bank account.

What also helped is that I started to use a different day cream (it will be reviewed here soon because I'm literally in LOVE with it).
And I’m still looking for improvement on my skincare routine to help my skin get better.
What's your favourite product in your skincare routine?

Xx Rianne
Sunday, 15 April 2018

My Birthday Bucketlist

Today is my birthday. I’m 22!! And I feel like this year is going to be MY year. After all I’ve been through last year I feel like I can be who I am and do what I love. And so I made a little list of things I really really want to do this year. Because I feel like it’s now or never!
1. Graduate.
I want this so so bad. I’m already delayed and am a 5th year student. It’s going to cost me a lot of money if I become a sixth year student... I’m just so done with school. I loved my study, I loved everything I learned. But I really need that piece of paper to prove that I finished my study and start with something new.

2. Go to Los Angeles following an EF course.
This is something I’ve googled many many times and quickly closed the tabs after seeing the prices of the courses. I wanted to go to London first. But when I stayed there for 10 days with my friend in 2015 I think that I’m ready to go and see something else of the world than always going back to London. (You can read that  London diary here)
 But last year, when I was in the USA I was so impressed by everything I saw that I really wanted to visit LA. Not just for a few days, but going to school and live in the city for a few weeks. And that’s what EF offers. Even though I’m as scared as a mouse to go alone, I feel like if I don’t do it now I will never get the chance again to travel somewhere for a few weeks. But we’ll see if I ever get brave enough. For now it’s a wish!

3. Do a srprs me
I don’t know if you know about this, but this is an organisation that you go to, you give them your money and tell them if you want a sunny holiday or a city trip and they go plan it for you. Only last minute, just before checking in, you get to know where you’re going. And it seems like an amazing thing to do and lately Sas mentioned it. And I got really excited! So hopefully we’ll do a weekend away with srprs me!

Photo by Emanuela Picone on Unsplash
4. Read more books
Since I’m working on my graduation thesis I’ve been reading a lot of books. But not the books I really want to read. On my shelf are lots of unread books but I just don’t have time to read. Or when I finally finished a chapter of my thesis I’m done reading pages and pages of information. So to relax I don’t pick up books right now. When I’m done with my thesis I will read all the unread books on my shelfs and can finally buy more books!

Do something with photography.
I’ve got a camera. I've got stuff. But I don't know how it works properly. And when I’m graduated, I’ve got extra time. So why not do a course somewhere. I’ve heard a co-worker talking about it and that it’s not even that expensive. And I would love to learn more about my dslr. I do read lots and lots of tips on internet, but that camera still holds so many secrets that I want to learn! And my granddad gave me his old tripod for my birthday yesterday. So now I want this more than ever!

These are my whishes for this year and I'm excited to see if I can fulfill all of them..

Cheers on 22 years!
Monday, 9 April 2018

5 easy steps to clean your hairbrush

Do you clean your hair brush once in a while? No? It’s time to do it right now and it’s super easy!
For a long time, I only cleaned my brush by picking the hairs out every day. And sometimes I would take the brush with me under the shower and used shampoo and a toothbrush to clean my hairbrush. But it’s a lot of work. And I never wanted to clean that way. It took ages! And then I came up with the simplest idea ever. And since then I’ve been trying to clean my brush more often.

It’s super easy.

Step 1: take your brush and get rid of the hairs that are still stuck in it.
Step 2: fill the sink with water and add a bit of shampoo
Step 3: put the brush in the water
Step 4: walk away and leave the brush in the water. It depends on how dirty your brush is how long you leave it in the water. But 10 to 15 minutes always works for me.
Step 5: get the brush out of the water and check if your brush is clean and let it dry on a towel. If the brush is not clean, which often happens to me, I use a toothbrush to clean in between the little tooth of my hairbrush to get it clean. Rinse it off and then let it dry.

Et voila!

You’ve got a clean brush! Simple and I think very effective. Especially if you’re dealing with greasy hair like I do. I think keeping the brush clean will also help to keep my hair cleaner. And it’s just nicer to pick up my brush and not having all the ‘dust’ between those teeth.

Xx Rianne