Monday, 30 July 2018

Life Update: Why the Silence

You might have been wondering what happened to me. Suddenly, I got very very quiet.
I didn’t mean to be, but here is a very short story of what happened to me:

It’s school.
It’s always school.

To give you more of an insight of what happened at school: I wanted to graduate on June 25th. I worked my ass off since December 2017. I got my research plan ready for my thesis. But constantly had trouble. Just as I had my plan finished a new research was published that was EXACTLY or almost exactly like mine. Someone else was just faster in writing and publishing than I was. So I had to reconstruct my plan. Things like that happened to me 5 times. (which costed me two months!) in February I could finally start my project.

I started my research and worked and worked but deadlines were coming closer and I was only getting further and further lost in my research work. Contacting people didn’t go well. People I had planned on talking to didn’t want to talk to me. So I had to change my plans every time. And in May someone very important shut me down and that was it for me. I was so done. I couldn’t keep up working like this. I had lost a lot of weight, I was very tired but couldn’t sleep, had pain in my stomach/ headaches and neck pain. I was crumbling under the pressure. And then I failed to get my deadline on June 25th.
I kept working on school but already stopped blogging in April. So I had more time to focus on school and work on a slower pace instead of doing everything and getting nowhere. But now I’ll try the November deadline. And that seems like it’s going to happen! So that’s very nice! But that’s why I was quiet.

From now on I’ll hope I’ll keep up with blogging again. The most school work is done. And I finally have summer holiday. So I see you next monday!

Xx Rianne
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  1. Good job dear, happy you'll continue blogging!!