Monday, 20 August 2018

L.O.V. highlighters

I’m a little highlighter obsessed thanks to my sister. I love to buy those shiny products. And sometimes I just must buy a new highlighter. And - as far as I know- we have new brand in our drugstores: L.O.V. 
My eye fell on the makeup stand when I entered Etos and I was of course very curious. And since I was about to treat myself that day I did not buy one but two highlighters. Look at these beauties!
The packages are lovely. The black one, the no. 100 ‘glazed rose’ has this thing that if you hold the package in the light, the white lines and letters colour in prismatic colours. Hence the name on top of it. I just realise this while looking at the package and thinking how I would describe the colour on the package... it’s called LOVlights prismatic luminizer. I didn’t come up with the word prismatic myself. My English vocabulary is big, but not as big to name colours prismatic…  The other one is The GLOWrious highlighting & bronzing palette no. 010 Rose addiction. And is just an eye catcher with its shiny rose colour.
Aren’t they shiny? Well I love them. And look at those swatches. I love how bright and glittery the middle one is from Glowrious and the prismatic one. love the metallic in these two. The highlighter on the left in the Glowrious is the least favourite highlighter since it’s less shiny and less visible. But it’s perfect for when I don’t want to make the highlighter the eyecatcher and just want to brighten up my face a little bit.
Glowrious also has a bronzer. Which comes in very handy now I’m tanning, and my foundation gets a little too light for my face, but I can’t switch to my darker shade of foundation yet. That’s why I bought it. I had only planned on buying one highlighter. But then I convinced myself that it would be handy. And I guess I’ve made a good decision to listen to that little voice in my head this time.
I’ve been wearing the middle highlighter the most of this palette and I change it up with the prismatic highlighter. These two are my favourite this summer.

Xx Rianne
Monday, 13 August 2018

My Little Garden

When I was younger me and my sisters had a ‘little garden’ behind our garden shed. We used to have Beets, Potatoes and beans. It was my mom and dad who were looking after it. But it was fun to own it. Later we planted it full of tulips, but they slowly died, and my mom and dad started to plant different flowers and plants that would stay for years. 
Recently I thought about ‘our’ garden and asked my parents if I could plant some beans and beets, melons and courgette. My parents are real garden fanatics, so they said yes immediately. But there wasn’t much room for my plants left in our garden. So, for my birthday they gave me a sort of self-made garden. Soil in a bin and I planted the seeds. - With my dad helping me with how far the distance was supposed to be -. 
And after that, I forgot to look after my little plants. (I have bad mood swings that take some weeks to go over. ‘dark days’ is what I call them) But my dad, being the super dad, looked after them. Watered them every day and with some plastic he created a little greenhouse, so the seeds would be nice and warm. And soon after that, little plants sprouted from the ground. Beans were the first to come up. Then the beets and after that not much happened. No courgette or melons. But then we got some few warm days and hups! there grew the courgette and eventually the melons decided to show their little green leaves. So excited!
And still I only looked at the plants and my mom and dad took care of them. My sisters’ boyfriend took the melons to a greenhouse he owns on an island nearby. So, I only have this to show of my melons. I don’t know how they’re doing.

But look at my beans! I already ate a few and there are still beans coming from the plants. The beets are growing but I don’t know if they really are going to be eatable. My courgettes are having the hardest time ever. 

My dad -again- planted them in the garden because they outgrew my bin. And then one got almost fully eaten by slugs. The other one is doing better. 

Then my parents went on summer holiday and I had to take care of the plants myself. And suddenly I was watering my little plants every evening because it was so so dry. No rain for weeks is really bad for a garden full of plants. So I placed a beach umbrella over my courgettes in hopes they won’t die of the heatwave. I’m only watering it in the evening so not much water will be wasted by the heat of the sun. One courgette has lots of flowers but no courgette growing yet. And the other one that was almost eaten by slugs is making it’s come back. So I wait for flowers to grow on there. I check my plants every day. It’s actually a lot of fun.
My beans and beets are in the shadow of the grape plants growing over the pergola. So they are growing better and I had my first meal with beans. I’m waiting for my courgette plants to show some sort of courgette and my beets. I must wait if they really going to grow some beets or just leaves and nothing eatable. But we’ll see.

Xx Rianne

This blogpost is powered by my mom and dad who kept looking after my plants. #adformyparents