Monday, 24 September 2018

Hello Autumn! I love you

Crunchy leaves and the wind howling around our house. Autumn! I’m so looking forward to it.
I’m always looking forward to each season and today I made a list why I love autumn so much.

1. Dark lipstick shades! I love dark lipsticks but only in autumn/winter. My favourites are from left to right: Rimmel 810 one-of-a-kind,Topshop Bookworm, Rimmel Kate 107, Sephora Rouge Cream
2. Sweater weather. I love the warmth of sweaters. I’m always cold but sweaters are the best to keep me warm. And I love to combine it with a cute collar underneath.

3. The crunchy and colourful leaves. When I walk or ride my bike I love to step/ride over the crunchy leaves. The sound is just so nice.
4. Time for candles and fairy lights! In summer, I don’t have candles burning or lights on because mosquito’s are a big fan of those lights and I don’t like mosquitos. But now I can burn as much candles as I want and put my fairy lights on without unwanted guest in my bedroom.

5. I don’t feel guilty about staying inside. In summer, when I’m on my laptop I feel like I should be outside, enjoying the sun or doing cool stuff with friends instead. But in winter, I don’t feel guilty about it at all!

6. Collecting conkers. They remind me of when me and my sister where younger and would collect as much conkers as possible. And then create our own conker ‘fries’ shop. In shoe boxes we would separate the big once from the small ones. Make our own price list, using a pot ladle to serve the conker (fries) to the costumers in self-made bags in different sizes. We could play with that for hours.
Xx Rianne