Thursday, 14 February 2019

Warm yourself, not the world!

Warm yourself, not the world! That’s the slogan of nationale warme truiendag this year in The Netherlands. A very free translation is: national cozy sweater day. The idea behind this day is that we turn down our heater a few degrees in order to reduce our waste of energy to save up and also reduce CO2. I read about this on my school site and am glad that my school is joining this project tomorrow. Unfortunately I’m not at school tomorrow, but at work. So instead of tomorrow I use today as nationale warme truiendag. 
I didn’t turn the heater on and put on an extra shirt under my clothes. Today and tomorrow are even sunny days so it’s not that bad this year. It was freezing fricking cold last year! But still, I’m working on my desk right now in my bedroom and I’m even wearing my bathrobe to stay warm and my cosy woollen slippers to keep my toes warm! But to come back to the subject; I did a little bit of research, of course, on their website >> and found some facts:

~ When turning down the heater you’ll save up 6% of your energy
~ That 6% energy is 6% CO2 reduced
~ 40% of our energy world wide is used to heat houses, offices and schools

On the website is more information, infographics and explanation about this project and there is a counter on the websites that counts how many people are joining in tomorrow! I don’t know if this is also done internationally or not, but if so, let me know in the comments if you guys have a special day about this concept and if you are joining in?

Xx Rianne
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